WWE Raw Results (7/22): ‘Stone Cold’ Headlines the Biggest Reunion in ‘Monday Night Raw’ History


July 22nd, 2019
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


We start the show with the SIXTEEN TIME….the one, the only….JOHHHHNNNNN CEEEENNNAAA! The crowd is hot for Cena, cheering for him unanimously! Cena says that Hulk Hogan will be there, Ric Flair will be there, Degeneration-X will be there, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN will be there…so he couldn’t miss this. He says that this is his home. He doesn’t mean just because he lives there, but the WWE is his home. He says he is excited to be here the way that he was on day one….so LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!!

The Usos come out and say Woah a lot. They say that he said Day One. But what would make this reunion even more lit? They say that they are all going to drop some rhymes right now. Cena gets out of the ring but the Usos start to freestyle on Cena, saying that he left them for the movie biz. He says that they look just like their mugshots…how was it getting arrested?

Cena says that he has to bounce, they can’t see him. They tell him not to go…because their pops is there….and out comes Rikishi! Rikishi says that John Cena is the man…but tonight he can’t let him leave all Fast and Furious…without busting a move! The lights go down and the 4 men prep to dance….but we hear….SAY YEAAAH!

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Out come Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder who comes out with D-Von Dudley only.


Hogan is in the back with Jimmy Hart and they talk about all the talent that is there.


Not sure why D-Von Dudley is there, but he’s watching as Scott Dawson dismantles Jimmy Uso. Scott mocks the Usos and he chops Jimmy hard as he tags in Dash Wilder. Wilder throws Jimmy in the corner and tries to pound away on him, but Jimmy fights him off. Jimmy goes up top, but Wilder pushes him off the top and into the barricades on the outside.

Back in the ring now, Wilder locks in a deep sleep on Jimmy Uso and wrenches away. Jimmy fights off and tags in Jey, and Jey comes in and takes out both members of the Revival before giving a Samoan Drop to Dash Wilder. Jey goes up top and looks to hit a crossbody, but Scott Dawson pushes Wilder out of the way and gets hit himself.

Wilder goes for a rollup but Jey is able to kick out. Dawson tags in and Jimmy gets in the fight and get clotheslined to the outside, along with Dash Wilder. D-Von Dudley looks to get involved but he gets cut off by Rikishi. Dawson gets distracted by the commotion and turns around into a super kick by Jey to pick up the victory.

Winners: The Usos

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