WWE Raw Results (7/9): Reigns & Lashley Create Chaos, Rollins vs. McIntyre, Final Extreme Rules Hype!


July 9th, 2018
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


Roman Reigns is walking through the corridors of the arena, looking stone faced and dead serious until he is confronted by Bobby Lashley. Lashley asks where Roman is going, and Roman says that he is going to HIS ring, so to move out of his way. Lashley begs him to call him out, because if he does, he is not coming to talk. He is coming to tear him apart. Roman makes his way to the ring.


Roman Reigns comes out to the ring, to a heavy chorus of boos from the Boston crowd. Roman Reigns takes his sweet time to get in the ring and then circles the ring several times before grabbing a mic. He stares off into the crowd that is rejecting him, and Roman clearly has Extreme Rules on his mind. He says that he has never had anyone stare him in the face and dare him to call him out. So he is curious about what “Bob” can do, so he does just that, calling Lashley out.

Out comes Lashley, and HERE WE GO. Lashley stares down at Roman Reigns and he gets in the ring. Kurt Angle comes out with Constable Corbin, and Kurt tells them that this is not going to happen tonight. He tells them to save it for this Sunday, but Reigns and Lashley brawl anyway! The two are going at it, and Angle calls out the cavalry of the Raw locker room! No one can separate these two however, as they continue to fight, as the roster continues to attempt to keep them apart. Roman rolls out of the ring to get away from Lashley, but Lashley gains separation and comes after Reigns again. The Raw superstars eventually completely separate Lashley & Reigns, but the two get away and run at each other and Lashley just RUNS OVER Roman Reigns and starts to pound away on Roman. Lashley throws Roman in the ring and goes to follow, but he’s finally dragged away by the Raw superstars. They start to escort him to the back, but Roman sneak attacks from behind by jumping over the ropes and taking out all of the WWE Superstars. Roman makes his way to the back, and it looks like the segment is over, but then he sprints down the ramp to get him some more of Lashley!

Lashley is prepared though, and the two fight up the ramp again before Roman retreats to the back.


Mickie James and Alexa Bliss are watching and commenting on the chaos that just ensued, but say that this is nothing compared to what they are going to do against Nia Jax & Natalya.

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