WWE Raw Results (8/12): Styles vs. Rollins, Sasha Banks Returns, New 24//7 Champion Crowned!



Ladies and gentlemen….Elias.

Elias says that he is getting the hang of it. He starts to play a song and someone interrupts him. So let’s count it down….3……..2…..1……no one comes. Elias says ok…well lets have an uninterrupted Elias performance. Elias starts to play, but Ricochet interrupts him. He says that it is not the cool thing to do to interrupt him, people interrupt him because he sucks.

Elias says that he is going to embarrass him in the middle of this ring tonight.


Ricochet starts by hitting Elias with a huge dropkick. Both men get up and Elias GOES OFF with kicks, chops, and then a humongous back body drop. Elias locks in a DEEP sleeper, which Ricochet is able to slip it into a headlock. Ricochet starts to fight up to his feet, but Elias brings him right back to the mat.

Elias runs and grabs his guitar, but the referee admonishes him, which allows Ricochet to superkick the hell out of Elias. Ricochet goes to the top rope and hits a sunset flip on Elias from the top, and goes for the pin and Ricochet gets the three count even though Elias’ shoulder did go up.

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Winner: Ricochet


We start off the match with Andrade quickly getting a roll up on Rey. He gets his feet on the ropes and Zelina grabs Andrade’s feet and Andrade picks up a first quick fall.

Andrade celebrates on the apron as Mysterio is angry and he jumps to the top and then hits a hurricanrana to Andrade to the outside!! Wow! Back in the ring, Mysterio hits Andrade with a flurry of kicks and then puts him on the second rope. He looks to hit the 619 but Zelina stops him in his tracks. Andrade tries to take out Rey, but he puts him on the second rope again. Rey hits the 619 and then goes to the top rope and looks to hit the frog splash. Andrade gets his knees up and then rolls up Rey and steals a clean sweep!

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas

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