WWE Raw Results (8/12): Styles vs. Rollins, Sasha Banks Returns, New 24//7 Champion Crowned!



Alexander goes right after Drew and then clotheslines him over the ropes! Alexander goes up and over onto Drew. Back in the ring, Alexander runs at Drew, and Drew picks him up and hits a buckle bomb on Alexander. He comes at Alexander and hits him with a huge boot in the corner.

He picks him up out of the corner and launches him across the ring. Drew sends him off the ropes and Cedric hits a handspring kick onto the side of the face of McIntyre. McIntyre is rocked and Alexander bounces off the ropes and he hits a tilt-a-whirl up and over tornado DDT. McIntyre makes it to the outside and Cedric lifts him up and hits a lumbar check on the floor! OUCH. The ref’s count starts and Alexander gets back in the ring as Drew begins to stir. Alexander dives through the ropes but is caught by McIntyre who delivers an overhead belly to belly onto the ramp!

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Back in the ring, McIntyre goes up top and Cedric interrupts him and hits a MASSIVE Spanish Fly! Alexander goes for the cover, but McIntyre kicks out! Alexander gets up and sends McIntyre off the ropes and he surprises Alexander with a Claymore! 1….2…3! What a match!!!

Winner: Drew McIntyre


Collar and elbow tie up to start the match and Roode backs up Jose back into the corner. He hits Jose with some stomps before Jose gets up and runs at Roode, but Roode hits a big spine buster. He sets up for a Glorious DDT and hits Jose with it before picking up the victory.

Winner: Robert Roode


Paul Heyman is backstage and he says he has the exclusive that Brock Lesnar WILL NOT have a rematch against Seth Rollins. He doesn’t know how to explain this to his client…..he is clearly distraught and walks away.

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