WWE Raw Results (8/12): Styles vs. Rollins, Sasha Banks Returns, New 24//7 Champion Crowned!



Dawson gets the quick advantage of Lince Dorado and starts to mock Dorado before hitting a back body drop. Before long, R-Truth comes out, as does the rest of the Raw roster. The match ends but Truth runs into the Revival in the center of the ring. They take him out and they both pin him to become CO-24/7 champions!

Winners AND NEW 24/7 Champions: The Revival

Kalisto comes in and takes out Wilder and hits a Salida Del Sol on Dawson. R-Truth takes him out and pins Dawson to reclaim the title.

Winner AND NEW 24/7 Champion: R-Truth

Backstage, Truth and Carmella celebrate but run into Elias, who hits Truth with a guitar and pins him.

Winner AND NEW 24/7 Champion: Elias


Natalya comes to the ring and the crowd chants “YOU TAPPED OUT” at her. She says that she has a dislocated elbow. She says she should take back everything she ever said, but she wouldn’t change a damn thing. She meant every word. She doesn’t know when or where, but they will do it again.

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She she talks about how her dad spoke to her last night in her dreams and told her that she is proud of her.

Out comes Sasha Banks!! Banks comes out and hugs Natalya with her notable purple hair…but then she removes the wig and reveals new blue hair and attacks Natalya! She throws her into the corner and hits a meteora. She then ramps Natalya into the steel steps and talks trash to Natalya.

Out comes Becky Lynch to help Natalya, but Sasha is relentless and takes out Becky as well. She grabs a chair and stars to hit Becky over and over with it! The officials come out and separate them but Sasha gets some more shots in. She finally heads up the ramp all smiles and the BOSS is BACK!


What do you think happened? Raiders win in brutal, convincing fashion in about 30 seconds.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

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