WWE Raw Results (8/12): Styles vs. Rollins, Sasha Banks Returns, New 24//7 Champion Crowned!



Alexa starts the match with Kairi Sane and Alexa pushes her so Sane kicks back. She bounces off the ropes and Asuka tags herself in and Asuka hits a dropkick and Sane hits a low kick. They send Alexa to the outside and then knock Cross off the ropes. The two go diving out onto the tag team champions.

Nikki Cross and Kairi Sane back in the ring now and Nikki takes control and she locks in a straight jacket sleeper on Sane. Sane fights up and hits a jaw jacker on cross then tries to make a tag and does to Asuka. Asuka hits some kicks on Nikki while sending Alexa off the apron. Asuka starts to hit several kicks on Nikki before knocking her back into the corner. Alexa tags herself in, but Asuka doesn’t see it before she runs at Nikki and takes her out. Alexa sneaks into the ring and kicks Asuka before hitting the DDT! She goes for a cover, but Kairi Sane breaks up the cover.

Alexa brings Asuka out of the ring and sends her hard into the ring post. Back on the inside, Nikki Cross hits the swinging neck breaker. She tags in Alexa Bliss and Bliss hits the Twisted Bliss and Bliss makes the cover to retain!

Winners AND STILL WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss


Seth has taped up ribs and AJ goes right after it, but Seth catches the leg. Seth rushes AJ back into the corner and then drives his shoulder into the midsection of AJ. He turns AJ around and hangs him up in a tree of woe before stomping on his repeatedly. AJ gets out and Rollins hits him with a kick to the midsection and then looks to set up for the Curb Stomp, but Gallows & Anderson pull AJ out!

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Back in the ring, AJ comes back with some forearms but Rollins bounces off the ropes and hits a slingblade. Styles gets up in the corner and he hits Seth with a forearm. Styles comes out and Rollins is able to hit Styles with a rolling elbow and then follows it up with a Falcon Arrow! He goes for a cover, but Styles kicks out.

Rollins puts Styles on the top rope and looks to hit a reverse suplex, but AJ fights off and pushes Rollins off the top. Gallows distracts the referee and Anderson pushes Rollins, which sends him crashing. The referee ejects them, but they ignore him and attack Rollins, throwing the match out.

They three men attack Rollins, but Ricochet comes out to make the save. It’s short lived however, and Gallows & Anderson are able to hit Ricochet with the boot of doom, taking him out. They set up Rollins now on the corner, looking like they’re going to crush him with the Styles Clash off the top, but suddenly….

BRAAAAAUUUUUN!! Strowman comes out and runs down both Gallows and Anderson! Styles looks to run at him, but Strowman tilt-a-whirls Styles up in a Running Powerslam! He picks him up for another and the OC retreat to the back. Strowman goes to the outside and gets the Universal Championship and hands it to Rollins before shaking his hand in the middle of the ring.

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