WWE Raw Results (8/13): Big Name Returns, IC Title Match Contract Signing, Paul Heyman Fools Reigns, More!


August 13th, 2018
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


We start the show with ROWDY RONDA ROUSEY! She makes her way to the ring, and we see that Renee Young is on commentary! Ronda has a mic, and she looks to have a heavy heart for her friend Natalya Neidhart, who sadly lost her father, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart today. She says that any loss is heartbreaking, and to lose a father….fathers are pillars of strength in a hostile world. She says that when our fathers are ripped away, we have to realize that our fathers have been raising us to be the pillars of strength when they are gone. She says that we all love her and wishes her to be strong. The crowd chants for Nattie, as they wish her well.

Ronda says that Nattie was the first to welcome her in the door, and now she will defend her. She says that Alexa may have cheated time and time again to beat Natalya, she vows to become the new Raw Women’s Champion at Summerslam. She then welcomes Ember Moon who has a match against Alexa Bliss tonight.

Alexa comes out and says that Ronda’s good time is about to come to an end. She says she is sick and tired of all the people here who think that her match with Ronda is already a foregone conclusion. She says that Ronda is still a over-hyped Rookie, while she is a 5 time women’s champion. She says that she is sick and tired of hearing about Ronda, seeing her face, and that face that she continues to make at her. She is sick of Kurt Angle protecting other matches like the Universal Championship, but he lets Ronda run wild.

She says that she consulted with the only authority figure here that has some sense, and he advised her to get security, which she then brings out. She walks down to the ring with Alicia Fox and her security. The referee kicks Rousey out of the ring and as she leaves, Bliss pushes Ember Moon into Rousey, knocking Ronda out, crashing to the mat. Ronda gets in the ring and takes out Alexa’s security team and then Judo throws Alicia Fox out of the ring as Alexa escapes!


Alexa Bliss twists the arm of Ember Moon right away, but Ember flips through and gets an arm submission of her own. Alexa reverses into a headscissors leg lock, but Ember gets out. Alexa immediately locks in a headlock and wrenches on the head of Ember Moon. Ember breaks free and pushes Alexa off the ropes and Alexa runs in a shoulder block. Alexa gets up but Ember leg sweeps her and then sends Alexa out of the ring. Alexa tries to collect herself by walking around the ring but stops cold when she sees Ronda Rousey waiting for her. Ember Moon takes advantage of the distraction and hits Alexa with a hard baseball slide.

Back in the ring, Bliss gets a sweep on Moon and follows it up with her Insult to Injury double knees. She follows it up with a deep sleeper on Moon, and Moon struggles to get out, but Bliss continues to wrestle her down. Moon counters finally with a jaw jacker, but Alexa Bliss responds with a big clothesline, flooring Ember Moon. Alexa locks in a deep sleeper again as she looks right at Ronda Rousey, mocking her. Ember Moon finally breaks out and rolls up Bliss, but Alexa Bliss kicks out, and Alexa gets up and hits Ember with a drop kick. Alexa follows that up with a big disrespectful slap, and then blows a kiss at Ronda Rousey.

Alexa yells at Ember Moon to stay down and slaps her in the face, which just causes Moon to rage! Ember Moon screams in the face of Alexa and hits her with a huge clothesline. Alicia Fox gets on the apron, but Ronda Rousey is there to pull Fox off the apron and send her right into the barricade. Alexa Bliss gets out of the ring and attacks Ronda Rousey from behind and sends Rousey into the barricade herself. Alexa gets back in the ring and looks to set Ember up with a DDT, but Ember turns it around and hits Alexa with knees to the midsection. Ember climbs the top rope and hits Alexa with the Eclipse! Ember Moon goes for the cover…1……2…..Alicia Fox breaks up the count and causes the DQ!

Winner by disqualification: Ember Moon

After the match, Alicia Fox attacks Ember Moon, but Rousey is close behind and starts to toss Alicia Fox around the ring. Fox and Alexa retreat at Ronda stares at them, telling Alexa thaty on Sunday, the championship is hers!

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