WWE Raw Results (8/31): Number One Contenders Tournament, Retribution Appears, More!


Tonight is the post-show edition of Monday Night Raw following the WWE Payback pay-per-view. Announced for the show is a major singles match between Seth Rollins and Rey Mysterio, with the fallout from WWE Payback being felt. 

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WWE Raw Results
August 31, 2020
Orlando, FL


Tonight’s WWE Raw is kicking off with Randy Orton as it is revealed that tonight there will be three singles matches where the winners will all meet for an opportunity to become the #1 contender to Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship.

Orton says that last week, Drew McIntyre offered him a rematch out of pity which he found disrespectful, which is why he got punted three times. Orton says that Drew promised to kick his head off at WWE SummerSlam, but the only person dishing out kicks is him as he lists off the legends he has punted lately.

Randy says he shouldn’t have to face anybody tonight to earn an opportunity because he is already entitled. However, Orton says he will jump through the hoops and at WWE Clash Of Champions, he will beat Drew for the WWE Championship, that is if Drew can make it to the show.

Randy then shows a picture of all the men he’s punted photoshopped into a hospital together. But Orton’s comedic moments are going to come to a quick end because Keith Lee is here! The Limitless One says Orton is doing his best to forget about what happened at WWE Payback and the fact he beat him.

Keith says he gave Orton no chance but to bask in his glory and he thinks things are different now because maybe, a victory like his over a Legend Killer means he should get the opportunity. However, as he keeps talking, Dolph Ziggler (his opponent) attacks him from behind and takes him down with a DDT.

(Winner advances to the triple threat match)

When the match begins Dolph Ziggler tries to use his speed to avoid Keith Lee, but he gets hold of his hand and begins to twist and pull at the arm of Ziggler. Lee then catapults him into the turnbuckle and Dolph wisely rolls to the floor.

When he gets back into the ring Dolph smartly goes for the knee of Keith Lee to chop him down, grounding him with a submission following a swinging neck breaker. Ziggler then connects with a dropkick and a splash in the corner, but it ends with Lee hitting the ropes and just sending Dolph flying with a tackle in the ring.

Lee then continues his dominance with the Grizzly Magnum and then a huge splash of his own in the corner. He then hoists up Dolph but he rakes away at the nose and then follows it with the Famouser, but it’s not enough to get the job done.

Ziggler hits another neck breaker and follows it up with a quick elbow drop, but the Limitless One continues to kick out. Lee fights out of the sleeper hold and follows up with a couple of big right hands which he follows by just launching Ziggler into the air as he crashes down hard.

Keith Lee then connects with a big powerslam, but once again Dolph turns things around with a forearm as he then sends Keith into the turnbuckles, following it up with a Zig-Zag. But still, Lee kicks out! Dolph then tries to hit the superkick but instead, he gets caught with the Spirit Bomb.

Winner: Keith Lee

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