WWE Raw Results (8/31): Number One Contenders Tournament, Retribution Appears, More!



Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are shown backstage bickering about why they worked together so well to become champions, but they can’t agree. Asuka then appears and the Tag Team Champions tell them to back off, but instead, she slaps Shayna, which leads to Nia standing up for her partner and squaring off with Asuka.

Adam Pearce is shown talking to the WWE security team, telling them that Retribution cannot ruin the main event tonight, and if they do, then they’ll find different security.


Asuka is asked if anyone is deserving of facing her for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. She lists off a bunch of names who she’s beaten, and says it doesn’t matter who is ready for her because she is ready for anything.

Mickie James then appears and says she recognises greatness when she sees it, stating Asuka is one of the greatest Women’s Champions of all time. She says out of respect, she is letting Asuka know that she is coming for the title.

However, Natalya and Lana then appear and they both say that Mickie doesn’t deserve a shot. Lana says she is a trendsetter in the locker room, but Asuka then says she is ready for all three of them. Nattie and Lana attack them both, but Asuka and James end up standing tall by sending them out of the ring.


Natalya instantly gets onto the ring apron which distracts Mickie James, leading to Lana attacking her straight away, taking early control. Lana hits her with a big slap, but Mickie responds with one of her own and then connects with several clotheslines.

Lana manages to get to the ropes and force Mickie to go back, but as she tries to get back into things, James takes out Lana with the Mick Kick.

Winner: Mickie James


Charly Caruso is shown backstage waiting outside Aleister Black’s locker room, but instead, Randy Orton comes out and just walks away.

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