WWE Raw Results (8/31): Number One Contenders Tournament, Retribution Appears, More!



The IIconics are asked about the potential of disbanding tonight if they lose their match, and Billie Kay says it’s crazy to think that they would become best friends to become WWE Superstars together. Peyton Royce says the only constant they’ve ever had is each other.

Peyton says that The Riott Squad are desperate to self destruct, and they are happy to move that along as they go on to become Tag Team Champions, which will be iconic.

(Winner advances to the triple threat match)

As Kevin Owens makes his way into the ring, Aleister Black appears and attacks KO, laying him out with a Black Mass as he rolls him into the ring. Owens demands to the referee that he wants to fight, and despite trying his best with a chop and a punch, he quickly gets taken out with an RKO.

Winner: Randy Orton


The Mysterio family is shown backstage as Rey speaks about Dominik replacing him tonight against Seth Rollins and he admits that tonight he really wanted to get closure on the situation. But his loss is Dominik’s game and he says when you’ve been around as long as he has in the industry, he knows injuries happen.

Dominik then says he knows he is the underdog, but after the win last night his confidence has never been higher and he has a 619 with the Monday Night Messiah written all over it.


MVP welcomes his guest tonight, the new United States Champion, Bobby Lashley. He quickly says that no matter how successful Apollo will get, he has three definites which are death, taxes, and Bobby Lashley. The new champion says he did exactly what he said he would, and he’s not mad at what Apollo did after the match.

However, he warns Apollo that he will get him back. Shelton Benjamin says if Apollo wants to act like a little punk, he will treat him that way in Raw Underground later. MVP then moves onto their opponents tonight, but that is interrupted by Cedric Alexander.

Alexander appears and says he still hasn’t changed his mind as The Viking Raiders appear and attack the Hurt Business from behind.


Erik starts out dominating with some big hits until he just runs into Bobby Lashley who turns things around, sending Erik into his corner. MVP gets involved and beats down Erik in the corner as Shelton Benjamin then tags in and connects with a big clothesline.

Ivar manages to tag in though and the numbers game helps them as Benjamin eats a huge knee to the face as Cedric Alexander finally tags in. He immediately unloads the fight to Benjamin and Erik gets back involved, hitting a massive keep strike.

MVP and Alexander finally tag in, and MVP dominates after a big clothesline. Lashley then tags in and he just rags Cedric around until Benjamin gets back in and does the same. The Hurt Business continue to isolate Alexander as MVP hits a huge running boot in the corner.

Alexander finally manages to fight his way to his corner, but Lashley and Benjamin jump up onto the ring apron and take out The Viking Raiders. However, as MVP looks for another big boot in the corner, Cedric is quick enough to get a roll-up victory.

Winners: Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders

After the match, Benjamin and Lashley try to attack Cedric, but instead, MVP stops them from doing it. However, when they are shown backstage, Cedric is shown being attacked by the trio until Apollo and Ricochet turn up.

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