WWE Raw Results (8/31): Number One Contenders Tournament, Retribution Appears, More!


(Winners become #1 contenders, the losers must split up)

Straight away The IIconics come out aggressively, taking the fight to Ruby Riott, but she then manages to avoid a spin kick and bring in Liv Morgan. She takes the fight to Royce, dropkicking her onto the second rope, but the pin attempt doesn’t work.

Royce then manages to tag out herself and The IIconics work together with dual kicks to Liv.  Kay connects with a modified suplex, but Liv then turns things around with two really stiff kicks with Ruby then getting back involved. Riott follows in with a big forearm in the corner, but Morgan then runs interference to protect Ruby as she takes out Peyton Royce.

After that Ruby and Billie go back and forth with pinning attempts, but it is Ruby Riott who comes out on top.

Winners: Riott Squad


Seth Rollins shouts at Murphy for kicking him in the head and then being pinned by Dominik Mysterio. He says he cannot have him screwing it up for him tonight, so he tells Murphy to get out of his ring and out of his sight, saying he doesn’t want to see him until he has figured out what kind of man he wants to be.

Seth says Murphy disgraces him and he sends Murphy to the back, slapping him in the back of the head in the process. To add insult to injury, as Dominik makes his way to the ring he attacks Murphy from behind.

(Winner advances to the triple threat match)

He then charges to the ring and tries to start the match at a quick pace, but it is Rollins who takes down Dominik first. However, he fights back with a dropkick only for the two men to end up on the outside with Rollins bouncing Dominik’s head off the announce desk.

Mysterio then turns things around in the ring and really starts to build some momentum as he springboards to take his opponent out. Seth gets set up for the 619 but manages to avoid it just in time by heading to the outside, only for Dominik to then launch off the announce desk to keep the fight rolling.

However, back in the ring, Rollins manages to regain control, but he manages to avoid Seth’s attack in the corner and catch Seth with several big punches in the turnbuckles. Seth then looks for the buckle bomb, but Dominik counters which send Rollins into the turnbuckle himself.

Dominik then hits the DDT and then a standing moounsault, but Seth kicks out just in time. Rollins escapes to the outside but Mysterio gives him no time to breathe as he hits a big dive from the top turnbuckle to take him out. Dominik then sets up Seth in the ring and he connects with the 619, however, Rollins avoids the Frog Splash follow up and then hits the Stomp to win.

Winner: Seth Rollins

After the match, Seth hits another Stomp to add further insult to injury.

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