WWE Raw Results (8/31): Number One Contenders Tournament, Retribution Appears, More!



We are then taken to Raw Underground where Titus O’Neil is shown dominating as he picks up two clear victories. Riddick Moss eventually steps up against him and they spill out to the floor but continue to brawl. Titus puts Riddick back into the ring but a low blow from Moss helps him pick up the victory.


WWE shows a clip from earlier today of Akira Tozawa arriving with his ninjas, but he is told that his name is not on the list. Akira gets out of the car and complains about the list…which is blank and underneath the jacket he has a referee shirt and R-Truth appears and gets the pin to win the title, but they capture the referee and throw him in the car.


Straight away Andrade and Angel Garza take control of the match, but the champions quickly try to get back into things until Dawkins sends them crashing into the canvas while they hit a double suplex to Montez Ford from the top rope at the same time.

The heels then send Ford crashing into the ring post as he falls out of the ring to join Dawkins. Angelo gets in first, but only to eat a chop from Garza. Andrade then ties up Angelo’s arm on the ropes and locks in a great submission, but he finally turns things around with a right hand to Garza and then a suplex to Andrade.

He then hits the splash in the corner and then a bulldog to Andrade but it is broken up by Angel Garza. They turn it around against Dawkins though with the dropped stomp in the corner, but Montez Ford comes back into things and starts rolling until the lights start flickering out.

The referee runs out and Angel Garza decides to grab Demi and run as well, but then Retribution turns up!

The masked group start destroying everyone in the ring, including Zelina Vega, leaving them all laying as they then run away.

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