WWE Raw Results (8/31): Number One Contenders Tournament, Retribution Appears, More!



We are back in Raw Underground were an upset pair of IIconics are shown as Jessamyn Duke makes short work of her match, dominating the entire situation. Marina Shafir then gets involved with someone and she dominates just as quickly.

The two former MMA stars then look to call out The IIconics and they seem to agree to fight but Peyton Royce just puts in Billie who gets knocked out.


Apollo, Ricochet and Cedric are all shown outside Raw Underground as Apollo says he is a new man and he isn’t just going to smile and be happy, he’s going to keep going until he gets his Universal Championship back. He says he knows they have his back as Ricochet pushes that no dollar amount could break them up.


It’s time for the Raw Underground main event between Shelton Benjamin and Apollo Crews and it is the Hurt Business member who starts out in control. However just as Benjamin is in a spot of trouble he takes this to the outside and it all breaks down with the six men all brawling.

However, it is The Hurt Business who dominates with all three men being taken out completely.

Angel and Demi are then shown backstage as she asks about if he should have walked away, but he says that her safety is the main concern and if anything happens to her he will never forgive himself. However, as he says that, Retribution burst through the door and Angel just runs away.


Straight away Randy Orton tells Seth Rollins they should work together, but then he opts to just get out of the ring and leave Rollins with Keith Lee. Seth then gets out and argues with him, but Keith Lee grabs him in and is sent flying with a shoulder tackle and then a splash.

But as Lee connects with that, Randy Orton slides back in but he is crushed in the corner of the ring as well. Seth then turns on the attack to Keith, but he then sends Rollins into Orton and the Limitless One then flatlines them both as he launches himself over the top rope.

As the match returns from commercial, Lee tries to do the same again but Rollins hits a dropkick and Lee is then rocked with a knee from Seth as Orton then drops him straight onto the announce desk. The two heels then finally begin to work together as they launch Lee into the steel stairs.

However, that is sort lived because as they put Lee back in the ring, Orton stops Seth from getting in and drops him with the classic draped DDT from the second ropes. Orton looks for an RKO but Seth responds with a Falcon Arrow, but Randy kicks out just in time.

Keith Lee gets back up though and starts taking out both men, with Rollins being launched into Orton. Lee the charges on the outside and sends Orton flying with a tackle as Rollins’ suicide dive attempt gets caught with Lee sending him crashing into the announce desk.

Back inside the ring, Seth connects with a few strikes and then gets a roll-up, but Lee kicks out. Rollins hits a big kick and then a forearm which he follows with a superkick to take the Limitless One down. Rollins looks for a Stomp but instead he gets nailed with a Spirit Bomb.

However, before Lee gets the chance to pin Rollins, he is taken out with an RKO and the Legend Killer goes to pin Seth Rollins to become the number one contender.

Winner: Randy Orton

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