WWE Raw Results (9/23): Strowman vs. Rollins, Fatal Five-Way #1 Contendership Match, King Corbin Makes His Mark



September 23rd, 2019
Live Coverage by Doug Enriquez For ProWrestling.com

We start the show with a skipped demented version of the regular WWE intro, followed by a recap of the Fiend’s torment of Seth Rollins from last week.


BURRRRN IT DOWWWNNN! We start the live show with the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins. Seth does NOT look happy to start the show, and has a lot on his mind. Seth says that he has seen a lot in this ring, but he has never felt the way that he felt last week on Raw. He was laying in the corner of the ring, defenseless due to the attack by FIVE men last week, and the next thing he knows, he has the living embodiment of a nightmare close to his face. He thought maybe it was just a dream he was going to wake up from, but it wasn’t. It’s worse. Because in two weeks at Hell In A Cell, he has to defend his Universal CHAMPIONSHIP against Bray Wyatt.

But what is he going to do? He is going to do what he always does, which is SURVIVE and PREVAIL! When Brock Lesnar tried taking the Universal Championship from him, what did he do? He survived and prevailed. Braun Strowman gave him everything he had at Clash of Champions and he battled the Monster Among Men….and he STILL survived AND prevailed.

BRAAAUUUUNNNN!!! Seth’s former tag team partner comes to the ring and steps up to the face of Rollins. Strowman grabs a mic and he tells Seth that if he has something to say to him, he better tell him to his face. Because he doesn’t go around here pretending that he is Mr. Rogers and attacking people with puppets. He says that he heard what Seth had to say last week, and that was that he was glad that Braun does not get a rematch.

Seth says that he didn’t say that. He has a lot on his plate, including Bray Wyatt at Hell In A Cell, AND he has to defend the Universal Championship against one of the five men from the fatal five way next week in the season premiere of Raw. What he actually said was that he was glad he didn’t HAVE to face Braun after the beating that Braun put on him at Clash of Champions. BUT, he doesn’t like the way that he is getting all up in his face, so if he wants, they can go at it tonight. Braun says that tonight, Seth is going to get these hands!


Erik and Karl Anderson start the match and Erik has his way with Anderson. Ivar is tagged in and he hits two knees on Anderson. He slams him and then he tags in Erik, who picks up Ivar and slams him on top of Anderson. Gallows is tagged in and Ivar bounces off the ropes and pushes Gallows, who he then picks up and delivers a side slam.

Gallows gets up and sends Ivar into the corner and Ivar goes up and over and lands on the apron. Styles on the outside grabs the leg of Ivar, and Ivar kicks him off and loose. Gallows takes advantage of the distraction and lands a kick to the side of the head of Ivar, sending him crashing to the mats on the outside. The referee notices what happened, and he sends AJ to the back. AJ protests but makes his way up the ramp, but is quickly attacked from behind by Cedric Alexander! The two fight their way to the back.

Back in the ring, Gallows now has full control of Ivar, who he hits with a couple of kicks in the corner. Ivar tries to fight back, but Gallows hits him with some rights. Gallows charges at him and Ivar jumps up and throws his full weight onto Gallows. Ivar is able to make the tag and Gallows tags in Karl Anderson! Erik destroys Anderson with knee after knee, then throws him in the corner. He tags in Ivar and then picks up Ivar and throws him into Anderson in the corner.

Erik throws up Anderson up into the air and Ivar catches him and delivers the VIKING EXPERIENCE! Erik proceeds to hit Gallows with a suicide dive on the outside and Ivar makes the pin to pick up the victory!

WInners: The Viking Experience

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