WWE Raw Results (9/9): ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Returns to The Garden, King of the Ring Semifinals & More


Styles goes to the outside and Cedric goes up and over, right on top of Styles! Back in the ring now, and Styles desperately grabs the arm/shoulder of Cedric that was injured last week and slams Cedric by it to the mat.

Styles starts to fight back and hit Cedric with some right hands before running off the ropes. Cedric is able to surprise AJ by hitting him with a Michinoku Driver and goes for the pin, but Styles kicks out! Alexander goes to the apron and looks to hit a springboard, but out of nowhere, they Cedric is pulled off the apron and attacked by the OC!

Winner by Disqualification: Cedric Alexander

The OC continues to attack and dismantle Cedric Alexander…until The Viking Raiders come out to make the save! Erik & Ivar come and take out the OC and the two teams begin to brawl before the Raiders gain the upper hand and eliminate Gallows & Anderson. They give the Viking Experience to Gallows as Cedric dropkicks Styles out of the ring and Alexander and the Viking Raiders stand tall.


Bayley & Sasha Banks are in the back and they say that tonight they will take out Becky & Charlotte because they are mad about last week and there is no stronger connection than theirs. And they can take that to the bank.


Becky & Charlotte rush Sasha & Bayley before the match starts and the brawl begins! The 4 women go insane and Charlotte grabs a chair, which causes Bayley & Sasha to high tail it!

The match finally starts and Becky and Bayley start. Becky quickly sends Bayley to the outside and starts slamming her repeatedly into the barricade. Back in the ring now, Becky tags in Charlotte, but Bayley is able to tag in Sasha, and she quickly takes it to Charlotte. She sends her into her corner and tags in Bayley. Bayley and Sasha take it to Charlotte and star to stomp away on her. Bayley in alone with Charlotte now, and Charlotte hit tosses Bayley back into her own corner. She tags in Becky, who stands on the apron and is knocked down by Bayley.

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Bayley distracts the referee while Sasha attacks Becky on the outside. Back in the ring now, Becky is able to tag in Charlotte and Charlotte goes right after Sasha. Charlotte picks up Sasha for a suplex, but Sasha floats over. Charlotte hangs on and delivers a neck breaker before going for a cover. Sasha kicks out and turns it into the Bank Statement! Charlotte gets out quickly and turns it into the Figure 8! It looks like Sasha is going to tap, but Bayley runs in! Becky Lynch is able to stop her, but instead Bayley pushes Becky into her own partner, breaking it up.

Becky in now, and Bayley goes for the Bayley to Belly on Becky, but Becky breaks free. The match spills to the outside and Becky tosses Sasha Banks into the ring steps. Bayley attacks Becky and sends her into the barricade. Charlotte follows to the outside and looks to attack Bayley but Bayley ducks and German Suplexes Charlotte on the outside!

Bayley sends Charlotte back into the ring and she looks to hit the elbow drop, but Charlotte gets her knees up! Bayley is in bad shape and Charlotte looks to hit Bayley with a big boot, but instead she gets her hair pulled from the outside from Sasha Banks. She knocks Sasha down and is able to hit Bayley with a Natural Selection and Charlotte picks up the victory!

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch

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