WWE Raw Results (9/9): ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Returns to The Garden, King of the Ring Semifinals & More



We have a collar & elbow tie up to start the match. Chain wrestling now, and both men trying to get the upper hand. Gran Metalik monkey flips Rey, but Rey hangs on and then pops up. The two trade cover attempts before they both pop up to their feet.

Rey sends Metalik to the outside and he tries to follow into his sliding splash, but Metalik moves and he super kicks the hell out of Rey. Metalik jumps to the inside and he springboards the off the 2nd rope onto Rey, catching him right on the head and neck!

Both men make it back into the ring and now Metalik puts Rey on the top rope and then he jumps off the top himself and hits a top rope hurricanrana! He goes for a cover, but Mysterio kicks out. Both men up and Rey surprises Metalik with a drop toe hold into the 2nd rope! He sets up for the 619 and hits it! Rey goes up top and drops the dime to pick up the victory.

Winner: Rey Mysterio


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Ricochet sends Corbin o the outside and Joe attacks Ricochet from behind. Joe charges at Ricochet once again and Ricochet gives a headscissors to Joe, sending him to the outside.

Corbin comes in and sends Ricochet hard into he corner. He comes at Ricochet and clotheslines him hard to the outside. Back in the ring now, and Joe attacks Ricochet and puts him on the top rope. He tries for a superplex and Corbin tries to turn it into a power bomb. Joe fights off and the two make it to the outside. Joe locks in the Coquina clutch on the outside! Corbin tries to fight out and fight back and he tries to ram Joe into the barricade. Joe locks in in deep and he falls to the floor with Corbin!

Ricochet jumps off the apron out of nowhere and hits a shooting star to both men off the apron! Ricochet grabs Joe and throws him to the inside and nails him with the recoil then the 630! He looks to make the cover but Corbin comes in and tosses Ricochet into the front row! He covers Joe and picks up the victory!

Winner: Baron Corbin

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