WWE Raw Results (9/30) Brock Lesnar Destroys The Mysterio Family, Bobby Lashley Returns With Lana, More


WWE Raw Results

September 30, 2019
Live Coverage by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com



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We kick off tonight’s Monday Night Raw ‘Premiere’ with a brand new opening video that was very well done and we are then shown the brand new stage and yes folks, PRYO IS BACK!!! We have fireworks and fire shooting out from different points on the new stage as our new commentary team welcomes us to the show.


We kick off tonight’s episode of WWE Raw with Rey Mysterio who thanks his son, Dominick, who is at ringside, thanking him, but before he can say much more… THE BEAST IS HERE (with plenty of pyro).

Lesnar snatches the microphone from Rey and hands it to Paul Heyman, but before he can do his classic intro, Mysterio takes it back which pisses the Beast off who quickly whips up Rey and hits a huge F5. Lesnar then rags Rey up once more and hits another devastating F5, all while Rey’s son watches on.

Lesnar exits the ring and heads towards Dominick who smartly sits back down in his seat as Lesnar decides to rag him over the barricade as he then smashes him into the ring post and powerslams him on the outside. Lesnar then takes Dominick into the ring and launches him with a huge German Suplex.

Mysterio then tries to get involved by grabbing the leg of Lesnar but he gets another F5 for his troubles as Brock makes his mark on the show. Just as it seems everything is over, Brock hops back into the ring to attack Rey and his son one more time, just for good measure.

Brock isn’t done though as he jumps back in the ring again and attacks Fit Finlay before launching both Rey and his son right out of the ring.


Sasha Banks wastes no time taking the fight to Alexa Bliss, and despite a small comeback from Alexa, the Legit Boss smartly dumped her outside of the ring. The Boss then jumped to the turnbuckle to staredown Becky Lynch, who is on commentary, and The Man reacted by getting onto the table with her Women’s Title proudly being held high.

As we return to action, Sasha Banks catches Bliss with the ring apron, kicking her in the head as Lynch begins taping up while watching the match that Sasha Banks is in complete control of.

*In a slightly different direction, Jerry Lawler has notified us on commentary that Brock Lesnar is being questioned by the authorities in the back*

Back to the action and Bliss manages to get in a little offence, but once again Sasha turns things around with a stiff knee to the face, but Bliss retaliates with several big slaps which send Banks backing off and begging to be left.

Banks then pretends to call for Bayley which distracts Bliss as the Boss kicks away at her leg and gets a roll-up (with a handful of tights) to get the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

After the match, Becky Lynch makes her way down to the ring and attacks Banks who quickly reels into the crowd. Lynch then gets on the microphone and says they were just getting started, but on Sunday she can’t run from the cell until she is done with her.

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