WWE Raw Results (6/8): Backlash Go-Home Show, Charlotte Faces Asuka, Bayley & Banks Appear


June 6th, 2020


Despite the fact that this match was originally advertised to be against Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks and Bayley make their way out instead of the Queen. Bayley says that everyone should be thanking them for being here and gracing the show with their star quality.

Bayley points out that they’re now the Women’s Tag Team Champions and they then put each other until Asuka shuts them up and tells them this is her ring. She makes it clear she doesn’t want to talk but Sasha then tells her to back up and get out of her face, which leads to Charlotte making her presence known.

Charlotte points out that she’s been going from brand to brand as well and she tells them to hurry up as they enjoy the spotlight as she and Asuka have a match. However, The IIconics then appear as Billie Kay says the only match people want to see is happening at WWE Backlash as they compete for the Tag Titles.

Peyton Royce reminds them that they beat the champions for the titles at last years WWE WrestleMania. However, Asuka loses her cool again and Charlotte tells them that she doesn’t need a title to be relevant and this leads to Bayley and Banks attacking Flair as The IIconics attack Asuka.

However, the two tag teams then square off which leads to Flair and Asuka returning from behind to clean house and then face off once again.


After a commercial, the match is set and all the heels try to attack Asuka and Charlotte Flair straight away, but they manage to avoid it and Sasha Banks actually starts with Peyton Royce. The IIconics member looks for a   quick pinfall but that doesn’t work and Banks then attempts one of her own, also having no final outcome.

The two women then keep avoiding each other’s moves and then hit dropkicks at the same time as they start slapping each other and then they run and attack Flair and Asuka again, this time connecting. Banks then brings in Bayley and they work together to slam Royce against the turnbuckles.

The IIconics manage to turn things around though and they hit a double team of their own, attacking Bayley’s back. Billie Kay then catches Bayley with a sharp elbow and then a modified suplex. Bayley tries to tag Flair but instead, Kay does it and that leads to Flair attacking Bayley.

She teases tagging in Asuka but then doesn’t bother as she unloads chops on Bayley until she avoids Charlott’s attack and takes her to her corner. The Blueprint and Bayley then work down Charlotte with a series of kicks but their double team effort doesn’t work.

Flair drops Banks with a clothesline, but Asuka tags herself in and hits a hip attack to Bayley and then a clothesline and a hip attack to  Banks. Asuka then wipes out The IIconics with a flying lariat/bulldog combination.

The IIconics manage to distract Asuka though and they catch her with a great knee to the face, but Banks stops the pinfall attempt as The IIconics then deal with Bayley as well. However, Charlotte tags in and launches Royce across the ring.

Charlotte hits a big boot but once again, Asuka tags herself in only for Flair to tag herself back in as the tag team partners begin arguing. Flair unloads with chops on Billie Kay, who then gets dropped with a big boot and Flair tells Asuka to watch her hit a moonsault, but instead she tags in and gets the Asuka Lock to win the match.

Winners: Asuka & Charlotte Flair

After the match, Flair wipes out the champion with a big clothesline from the top rope and she holds up the WWE Raw Women’s Championship, telling Asuka she’s never beat her.

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