WWE Raw Results (6/8): Backlash Go-Home Show, Charlotte Faces Asuka, Bayley & Banks Appear



Rey Mysterio now joins to give an update on his future, but before that happens Seth Rollins joins the commentary. Rey says he saw his doctor and he didn’t make any promises, but the prognosis is promising. He doesn’t know when he will be medically cleared to compete, but he then sends a warning to Seth directly, saying there’s a 619 with his name written all over it.

Seth says that Rey had the opportunity to walk away gracefully, a legend, but he continues to spread misinformation. He invites Rey and Dominick to WWE Raw next week as he wants to show him, face to face that the sacrifice he made was for the greater good.

Rey says Seth is only inviting him because he knows he’s not medically cleared. Seth continues to try and talk to Rey but then Aleister Black appears and attacks Rollins!


Straight away, Humberto Carrillo starts out strong, sending Austin Theory flying with a hip toss. However, Theory then fights back, rolling into the ring and connecting with a dropkick as he then shows a more aggressive side against Carrillo.

Both men manage to make tags and Murphy begins lighting up Aleister Black, connecting with a huge knee strike. However, Black then responds with a quick kick of his own and then the springboard moonsault. Theory gets involved to distract Black as Carrillo hits a massive suicide dive to theory.

Murphy then attacks Carrillo but as he looks to go to the top rope, Black runs up to the top and hits a massive kick in the face which is enough to score the victory.

Winners: Aleister Black & Humberto Carrillo

Seth Rollins then appears using Rey Mysterio’s music and mask and as Black and Carrillo look on, Rollins and his group attack them both.


Randy Orton is shown backstage with Charly Caruso where he asks if Edge will be the only guest on the Peep Show. She says yes, but he tells her there could be two guests instead.


Christian makes his return to WWE for a special edition of the Peep Show and he wastes no time in bringing out his former tag team partner, Edge. Christian discusses how happy he was for Edge to come back and get his big moment at WrestleMania.

However, he says he has to be honest and he believes Edge is running on fumes. Christian then says he doesn’t think Edge could pull off the greatest wrestling match ever in his prime, let alone now and Edge tells him to pump the brakes.

He points out he hasn’t had a normal match in nine years and now he has this hue pressure, likening it to being dropped to the bottom of Mount Everest and being told to climb. He says it’s not the same Edge that used to look Christian in the eye to give him confidence before every one of their tag team matches.

Edge points out that he is getting ready to face a guy who has been here for those nine years and is firing on every cylinder, while he doesn’t know how many he has under the hood. Christian says this is excuses and asks if he thought ht could return and just give his greatest hits.

He asks where the belief is and he says he knows someone who used to believe in him more than anyone, which is her mom and he points out that she will be sitting there for this one as well. He says that if Edge isn’t going to step through the ropes, then he should go home right now.

Christian then says that’s what he was looking for, and he says that they believe in him. Christian says Edge has the anti-venom and they think Edge is as god now as he ever has been. However, Orton then appears backstage and tells them to shut the hell up.

He says we are hearing what they think, not what they know. He says Edge made one guarantee to try, which he finds pathetic and he questions what Edge is going to do when he can’t live up to the expectations for this match. Orton says when he is finished with him, Edge will be forced to go back home to his family. Orton says the redemption of Edge is over.

Edge simply says no it’s not, and then walks away, giving Christian a nod on his way out.

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