WWE Raw Results (6/8): Backlash Go-Home Show, Charlotte Faces Asuka, Bayley & Banks Appear



MVP says that if Charly Caruso wants an in-depth breakdown of the Full Nelson that will beat Drew McIntyre, then she’ll have to tune into the VIP Lounge later. R-Truth then appears trying to hide backstage as MVP says he’s a clown and Lashley then appears, locking in the Full Nelson which leaves Truth laying.


We get the latest Street Profits and Viking Raiders competition which is a decathlon this time and The Street Profits start out with a 1600 metre race, which they win. The Viking Raiders then choose archery, and they win that one.

Street Profits then choose and win flip cup while Viking Raiders end up winning the sword fighting event.The Street Profits then opt for hurdles which they dominate as Ivar just runs through all of his. Viking Raiders dominate stick fighting, and then they end up in a dance-off.

Ivar dances around and flirts with one of the judges, who thinks that he is cute, but in the end, the Profits win the dance-off. The Raiders then choose the shot put, but they get beaten so they then pick a turkey leg eating contest which they win comfortably.

The Profits then pick the pole vault, but Ivar ends up winning it and that leads to them drawing with a score of 5-5.


Kevin Owens makes the decision to jump Andrade and Angel Garza before the match, getting a distinct advantage before the bell even rings. However, as the bell officially rings, the two men work together to double team Kevin Owens.

Garza goes for a cover but Andrade questions it and when Andrade tries the same they agree to not go for it. However, KO then goes for a roll-up and while Garza is ripping off his pants, he almost gets the victory. They then continues working together, isolating Owens as they pick him apart.

However, the two men then end up fighting each other as it’s clear that they cannot win and as Zelina Vega tries to stop them, she ends up taking a spill to the floor as they keep arguing. As the match returns from commercial, Kevin Owens has Garza isolated as they brawl on the second rope and KO eventually comes out on top, hitting a senton.

However, Andrade breaks up the pinning attempt. KO then takes the fight to him as well with both men eating a cannonball and a superkick each as Owens hits a frog splash to Andrade who is able to kick out. Owens then tries to hit a Pop-Up Powerbomb but only ends up eating a back elbow from Andrade.

Garza then gets back involved and takes down Owens with a dropkick which leads to Andrade and Gara breaking down with huge slaps and chops as both men spill over the top rope. Owens then returns to the action, and it ends up being him and Garza, with Angel locking in a knee submission.

Owens fights out of it though and then connects with a Stunner, however as he goes for a pin, Andrade dropkicks him away and he ends up pinning Angel Garza to win the match!

Winner: Andrade


Charlotte Flair is interviewed backstage and she says she wasn’t pinned last night, but she accomplished her goal of raising the women’s division in NXT and now she’s headlining Raw. Asuka then dances into the shot as Flair asks if she ever takes anything seriously. Asuka says she does and proceeds to slap the taste out of Flair.


MVP says that the VIP Lounge is for people like his guest, Bobby Lashley, who he puts over. However, it isn’t Lashley who comes out, it is Drew McIntyre. Drew claims that Lana and Lashley were having arguments backstage but MVP tells him that Lashley will be taking the title this Sunday, using the Full Nelson.

Drew admits he’s still feeling the move from last week right now, but MVP does know about the Claymore as he’s taken so many lately. Drew then mocks MVP, asking if he’s going to teach Lashley using the knowledge from all of his 0 World Title victories.

Bobby then appears from behind, but this week Drew is ready for it and he tells Bobby that the only way he’s taking the title is from his cold dead hands. MVP then tries to jump Drew but he sees it coming and hits the Glasgow Kiss as The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits make their way down.

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