WWE Raw Results (6/8): Backlash Go-Home Show, Charlotte Faces Asuka, Bayley & Banks Appear



Straight away, MVP tags out as Bobby Lashley takes the fight to Ivar, dropping him with the flatliner. He and MVP then dominate Ivar in their corner, but Bobby becomes distracted by Drew McIntyre at ringside and The Viking Raiders both connect with big knee strikes.

MVP tags in but he is dominated by Erik as well who really utilises his power advantage. However, Lashley then gets back involved in the match and that allows MVP hit a running boot to Erik. They isolate Erik and stop him tagging as Lashley stomps his foot onto Erik’s face.

The two men then hit a double team suplex, but Erik once again kicks out. However, Erik responds with a big right hand and Ivar finally hits the ring, steamrolling MVP but he manages to escape to make a tag. Ivar then cartwheels away from Lashley’s attempt and hits a big boot of his own.

They end up fighting on the outside as Lashley and MVP end up staring against The Street Profits until Ivar hits a big suicide dive to take them out. However, as the match returns from commercial, it is MVP in charge as he connects with a big running boot in the corner.

While the match happens, Lana is interviewed backstage she admits it does bother her that she’s asked to stay in the back, but she says they are about to become World Champion. Lana also says that while she is focusing on Bobby, she isn’t able to focus on her own career and making 2020 the year of Lana.

Back to the action and Lashley hits a great scoop slam to Ivar. However, he ends up managing to make the tag and Erik takes the fight to Lashley, knocking him off the ring apron as he then launches MVP across the ring. Ivar then returns to action and hits a big splash as Erik comes back in with a big double knee attack.

Erik then drops Ivar onto MVP, but Lashley breaks up the pinfall. Ivar throws him out of the ring and he ends up staring down McIntyre as he then hits a huge Spear to Ivar. Lashley makes a blind tag while Erik hits a big knee attack to MVP, and Lashley appears from behind to win with the Full Nelson.

Winners: Bobby Lashley & MVP

After the match, MVP talks trash to Erik, which sees Ivar hit him with a big right hand as Lashley then locks him in the Full Nelson as well. The Street Profits try to break it up, but it ends up being Drew with the Claymore Kick which stops things.

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