WWE Raw Results (6/8): Backlash Go-Home Show, Charlotte Faces Asuka, Bayley & Banks Appear



Sasha Banks and Bayley make their way to join commentary to start and while the women are looking at that, Charlotte Flair hits a big boot to Asuka to take advantage. She then dominates in the corner and as Asuka fights out she ends up missing with a dropkick.

Flair then hits another huge kick to Asuka which she follows up by dragging Asuka out of the ring as she launches her over the desk. As they get back into the ring, Flair hits another big boot as The IIconics are shown at ringside, behind the plexiglass.

Flair then continues to dominate until Asuka attacks the leg of the Queen and as this spills to the outside, Asuka connects with a big hip attack into the barricade. However, Flair then turns it around again, launching Asuka into the barricade as they then get back to the ring.

Flair takes away her kneepad and then drops it down on Asuka several times in a row. Once again, Flair dumps Asuka out of the ring as she mocks Asuka and brags about being in the main event for a second night in a row. However, as Flair makes her way outside, Asuka unleashes a flurry of strikes.

She tries to keep up the attack by going to the top rope, but Flair connects with a huge big boot, meanwhile, The IIconics then appears from the audience to attack Bayley and Banks on commentary.

Back in the ring and the match continues as Asuka looks to set in an armbar as Charlotte desperately stops her, reigning in the elbows to force the break. Charlotte then catches Asuka with a knee strike as she goes for a very cocky pin attempt by just standing on the champion.

Asuka continues to keep fighting though as she hits a dropkick out of the corner from the second rope. Asuka follows it up with a big hip attack that sends Flair out of the ring, but as the champion tries to go and get her, Flair sends Asuka crashing into the ring apron.

However, yet again the momentum swings as Asuka runs and kicks Flair in the face. The two women then end up brawling on the apron as Flair connects with a big boot. Flair then wraps Asuka’s leg around the ring post, and as they get back into the ring Asuka misses with the hip attack and is dropped with another big boot as she sits on the ropes.

Charlotte then looks for the Spear, but Asuka gets her knee up just in time to hit a great reversal. She then goes for the Asuka Lock but Flair turns it into a pinning combination, only for Asuka to reverse that into an octopus submission.

Charlotte once again gets out of it and as they both get back to their feet, Flair connects with a Spear. They continue to brawl with Asuka hitting a great kick, but as there is separation, Nia Jax makes her way down to the ringside area.

Asuka manages to attack Jax and beat her off the apron with a hip attack, but she then turns around straight into another massive big boot and this time, Asuka cannot get back up.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

After the match, Nia Jax gets back into the ring and lays out the champion with a Samoan Drop.

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