WWE Raw Results (5/11): Becky Lynch’s Career-Changing Announcement, Edge & Orton Return, More


May 11th, 2020


We kick off tonight’s WWE Raw with The Man, Becky Lynch who makes her way down to the ring without her title, but with the women’s Money In The Bank briefcase. She says that tonight isn’t an ordinary night as she is torn between joy and sadness.

Becky says she asked the decision-makers to raise the stakes of the Money In The Bank. She then says she first walked into the Performance Center doors and she didn’t know if people would care about a loudmouthed Irish woman who loved puns and toast.

But then people loved her so much they carried her on their shoulders, it was the fans who stood up for her and it was them she grabbed onto. She says that is why the fans deserve to hear this first, which is that she has to go away for a while.

But as Becky starts to appear very emotional, Asuka makes her way down. Becky tells her that Asuka has been the best wrestler in the world for a long time, and she reveals that the match wasn’t to win an opportunity to have a title match, but it was actually for the championship.

Becky opens up the briefcase and it has the title inside as she tells Asuka that she is the champion, and the Empress Of Tomorrow takes the belt and begins dancing around. Becky says that as happy as Asuka is about being a champion, she is even happier.

She tells Asuka to go and be a great champion because she is going to go and be a mother. Asuka celebrates with Becky, who is clearly over the moon and The Man walks out of WWE for the last time in what will be quite a while.

Becky Lynch is then shown backstage as several WWE Superstars come in to congratulate her on the news.


Bobby Lashley dominates the first exchanges with his strength, but Humberto Carrillo responds with a slap that only enrages Lashley as he plants Humberto to the mat. Lashley then looks for a Spear but misses and is sent out of the ring, only for Lashley to respond with a forearm as Carrillo tries to dive out.

He then picks up a chair but Humberto dives off the apron with a dropkick, smashing the chair into his face. However, as the match returns from commercial, Bobby has managed to gain control, only to run into another big dropkick from Humberto who follows it up with a sharp kick that sends Lashley out.

Bobby then catches Humberto off a dive from the barricade and he fires him into the steel post. Lashley then tries to wrap a chair around Carrillo’s head, but he avoids it and then Humberto picks up the weapon and starts smashing it off the back of the bigger man.

Humberto then tries to dive back into the ring but he is caught by Lashley who locks in the Full Nelson and forces Carrillo to submit.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

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