WWE Raw Results (6/29): Champions Vs. Challengers, Bobby Lashley Dominates, Seth Rollins Wants Forgiveness



June 29th, 2020


Tonight’s WWE Raw starts out in a chaotic manner as Bayley and Sasha Banks are brawling with Asuka already in the ring as the contract signing is set. Samoa Joe is running things and he orders the officials to pulls them apart and get things sorted.

He tries to get a grip of things, but he is interrupted by Dolph Ziggler, who is also part of this contract signing. Joe wants to introduce the champion, but Ziggler cuts him off and does it himself, welcoming out Drew McIntyre. With the champion out, Ziggler questions where Drew would be without him, saying that while Drew was trying to find himself, he has been here carrying monsters like Drew on his back.

Dolph says at Extreme Rules, he will do what he does best which is survive as Drew’s 19-year redemption story just disappears. Ziggler claims he created Drew, and now he is going to destroy him. Ziggler signs his part of the contract and the WWE Champion wastes no time putting pen to paper as well.

McIntyre says there was a time they were like family, and it is true that he was fired and he had to go through hell. But he has learned this is a mental game and that’s why Dolph needs the title so bad, as he has never been the centre of attention that he has always dreamed of.

McIntyre says Dolph has always dropped the ball when he has gotten close, and he promises to hurt Dolph at Extreme Rules. Drew says that Dolph is the only man who thinks he is going to have a chance, so he is going to allow Ziggler to choose their stipulation.

But before Dolph can continue, Asuka cuts him off screaming and yelling as she then signs the contract. Sasha Banks then says she isn’t the same person Asuka once faced, and at Extreme Rules, she will become Two Belts Banks.

Sasha says that after Extreme Rules, they are going to run the entire company. The women then brawl again and as that happens, Ziggler goes for a cheap shot but Drew is ready and he catches the foot. McIntyre then tries to connect with a Claymore but Ziggler escapes just in time.


Andrade is shown flirting with the official, offering a flower, but she walks away and Charly Caruso comes in, asking what he was talking to her about. However, Zelina Vega takes over and shuts her down. Andrade then tries to talk, but Big Show appears and says he is pulling rank and going out next, as he has things he needs to sort with Randy Orton.


Big Show then makes his way to the ring and calls out Randy Orton. He calls himself a legend and tells Randy to try his luck, but it ends up being Andrade and Angel Garza who appear. Show says he’s sorry that he interrupted them, but if they try him right now they are making a mistake.

Andrade laughs about the idea of him possibly being a legend and they mock him, saying that he will learn. Show says if they want to fight they can get on with it, as Zelina says that his days on Raw are numbered and tells him to say hello to Edge and Christian in the retirement home.

As they circle the ring, Ric Flair appears and he says that he has to have a word with Big Show, saying that Randy Orton will come whenever he feels like it, warning Show to stick to cartoons and Netflix. He warns Big Show that Orton will end his career if he carries on.

Andrade and Garza then focus on the World’s Largest Athlete again, but The Viking Raiders then appear and they begin brawling.


After the commercial break, the scheduled match is underway as The Viking Raiders dominate Angel Garza, with Ivar launching him into a huge knee to the face from Erik. Ivar then hits a huge ram into the midsection of Garza in the corner as he struggles to cope.

Erik then tags in and slams Ivar onto Garza, but he then manages to escape and make a tag, but Erik knocks him off the ring apron. He then looks to attack Garza but ends up ripping his pants off and Andrade then attacks him from behind, taking advantage of the situation.

However, issues begin to boil over between Andrade and Angel Garza after Garza doesn’t make a tag. Instead, he eats a massive forearm and then bounces into Andrade, and he argues and starts to walk out. Zelina manages to convince him to stay, and Andrade tags himself in as he beats down on Erik in the corner.

However, the bigger man manages to brawl his way out and hits a big knee strike to Andrade as Ivar tags in. Andrade quickly tags out and Ivar picks up the pace with a great running crossbody as he then levels Andrade with a clothesline.

Ivar goes for a back handspring, but Garza manages to reverse that with a huge dropkick. Both teams hit the tags, but Viking Raiders end up stacking up their partners, dropping them both. However, Andrade avoids the Viking Experience as things pick up pace and everyone ends up out of the ring other than Andrade.

As he distracts the official, Angel Garza sends Erik crashing into the ring post and this allows Andrade to then hit a huge elbow to the face of Erik. Garza tags in and he wins the match with a Winged Clipper, but Andrade then walks away, not celebrating with his partner.

Winners: Andrade & Angel Garza

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