WWE Raw Results (6/29): Champions Vs. Challengers, Bobby Lashley Dominates, Seth Rollins Wants Forgiveness



Ruby Riott is shown backstage as The IIconics appear and point out how she still doesn’t have any friends, as they call Ruby and Liv Morgan losers. Riott then asks who blew the Tag Team Championship opportunity, as she wonders which one of them did.

Ruby then challenges to meet one of them in the ring, and then the other can carry their partner to the back when she’s done beating them up.


Akira Tozawa goes for a roll-up early on, but R-Truth is able to kick out. He eventually plays possum, pretending he has a knee injury which stops the match briefly, but he is fine and just rolls-up Tozawa for the win. He then avoids several ninjas to keep the title as he runs away.

Winner (and new 24/7 Champion): R-Truth


Bobby Lashley says Apollo Crews disrespected them last week and MVP admits that he does like Apollo a little bit. He is going to drop a few gems on him so he can learn from his mistakes but tells Lashley a second offer isn’t coming to Apollo.


Seth Rollins says he believes Rey Mysterio when he says he is coming back as Rey has a duty to uphold. But while Rey believes his duty is to his family, Seth thinks that it is for him to be a sacrifice, and Rey has defied that at every turn.

Rollins says what he must do now is so important, and he then speaks directly to Rey Mysterio (through the camera,) as he begs Rey for forgiveness. That isn’t for what he has done in the past though, it is forgiveness for what he is going to do in the future.

Seth says every time Rey steps into the ring, he is forced to take a little piece of him, and he will do that until there’s nothing left. However, Rey and Dominik then appear on the titantron from their home. Rey asks for forgiveness…but from his son for what he is going to do to Seth.

He says he loves Dominik for fighting his battle, but now he must do something that is just as remorseless as what Seth did to him. However, Rey claims what he will do is not by fate, but it is by design. Dominik then says he forgives his father, but he will not forgive Seth, and he will be made to remember when his father is finished with him.

Seth then warns him that if he keeps getting in the way, he will be forced to end Dominik’s career before it even begins. However, two men have heard enough as Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo make their way down to the ring.

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