WWE Raw Results (6/29): Champions Vs. Challengers, Bobby Lashley Dominates, Seth Rollins Wants Forgiveness



Despite Murphy and Seth Rollins jumping the pair to start this match, Aleister Black has no problem in destroying Murphy with a huge boot to the face. However, with the official distracted, Rollins ends up pushing him off the ring apron as he bounces from the turnbuckles into a superkick by Murphy.

Humberto Carrillo gets involved though with great pace, taking the fight to Murphy, but once again a distraction from Rollins helps. However, this time, Carrillo is able to respond with a big kick and then a huge crossbody. Carrillo then clocks Murphy with another kick to the head which he follows up with a dropkick from the top rope.

It ends up with Murphy set in the 619, but Rollins pulls Murphy away, which leads to Humberto bouncing off the ropes to wipe out both men on the outside. As the match returns from commercial, it is Black who is in the ring, dropping both men with a springboard moonsault as he is on a role.

Black looks for Black Mass, but Murphy reverses with a roll-up, only for him to eat a massive kick to the face which sets up the 619 from Humberto Carrillo. However, Rollins breaks this up just in time, and he ends up hitting a big suicide dive which sends Black into the barricade.

Murphy then hits a huge knee strike to Humberto, but this time it is Black who saves the match. Murphy and Humberto keep battling, with Rollins setting a massive kick to the head as Rollins then tags in, hitting a massive knee strike from the top turnbuckle.

However, Murphy then battles Black on the outside which does distract Seth, yet Humberto fails to capitalise and Rollins reverses again, hitting the Stomp.

Winners: Seth Rollins & Murphy

After the match, Murphy and Seth Rollins look to pick the bones of Carrillo and Aleister Black. They look for the steel steps spot again, but Carrillo fights away onto to be hit with the stairs head-first by Murphy. Seth then tries to put Carrillo’s eye into the stairs, but Black fights him off as he and Murphy brawl. But while that is happening, Rollins connects with a Stomp to Humberto, onto the steel stairs.

WWE then shows The Undertaker tribute that first aired on WWE SmackDown last week.


It doesn’t take long for the numbers game to work in here, despite a positive start from Ruby Riott. A distraction by Billie Kay allows for Peyton to take advantage, attack the previously injured arm of Riott. She then focuses on pushing Riott’s neck straight into the second ropes, continuing to remain control.

Ruby continues fighting back though, connecting with a big boot as she then plants Royce to the mat, but with the inured arm she can’t get all of it. Billie then once again distracts, which lets Peyton go for a roll-up, but Ruby is able to kick out. However, Royce then connects with a spinning brainbuster and earns a big win.

Winner: Peyton Royce


Big Show is then asked if he thinks tonight is a trap. He admits that Ric Flair and Orton probably have a plan, as he adds that Ric Flair used to be a hero to him. But then he got into this business, and now Ric is mentoring Randy Orton, who is the most dangerous Apex Predator WWE has ever seen.

Show welcomes the challenge and he calls out Orton to try him once again. He says, Andrade and Garza picked a bad night, as they are getting one angry giant tonight.

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