WWE Raw Results (6/29): Champions Vs. Challengers, Bobby Lashley Dominates, Seth Rollins Wants Forgiveness



Before the match starts, it is clear that Andrade and Angel Garza still aren’t on the same page. They can’t decide who will start and as they both seem to hit the ring together, Andrade pulls back, setting up his partner as Big Show takes advantage of Garza with a big chop.

Garza escapes the ring and doesn’t seem to want to be involved, but he gets back in and just tags Andrade. He slowly steps into the ring, but he also suffers the same fate with a huge chop. Show then launches Andrade across the ring and just steps onto him as he is down on the mat.

Garza then returns as Big Show just stands in the corner waiting for him as Garza gets caught and hit with a big chop as well. However, Gaza then avoids the splash from Show and attacks the knee of the big man as Angel then beats down on the giant.

However, Andrade then tags himself in, but Garza pulls him back as the two men argue again and Garza begins to walk away, telling Andrade this is his moment. With Andrade all alone, he turns around straight into a Chokeslam.

Winner: Big Show


Apollo is then shown warming up with Ricochet and Cedric Alexander by his side, but R-Truth then pops up, questioning if he actually got away from the ninjas. He says the title is his problem, but he sees his favorite superhero, Richard O’Shane (Ricochet,) and he then ends up just disappearing again.


Before the match, Bobby Lashley asks MVP why he is going to teach lessons to Apollo Crews. MVP says it’s simple, people tell him he is an O.G. when he goes back home and he always looks to inspire as the success doesn’t matter if he doesn’t give back.

That’s why it has been a joy to help Lashley, but some people ignorantly reject heartfelt gestures, like Apollo. He says he won’t be disrespected by MVP, but right on queue, Apollo appears. However, he says he never disrespected MVP, and he tells him if he cared about anybody but himself he would have listened when he first turned down his services.

Apollo says the only person MVP cares about helping is himself. MVP says he admires that, but Apollo might not have wanted him as his manager and now he is going to learn why he doesn’t want him as his enemy.

However, it is Apollo who starts the match out well, hitting a dropkick as he then lifts MVP up and just dumps him out. Lashley pulls MVP out of the ring and Crews dives over the top rope to take them both out, but he only ends up catching Lashley.

However, this works out for MVP as he is able to take advantage here, launching Crews into the steel stairs. Inside the ring, MVP continues to stay in control, connecting with a big boot as he then just beats down Apollo, hitting a knee drop for good measure.

The United States Champion turns things around with a spinebuster though, but as he looks to go to the top rope, Lashley yet again provides the distraction. He gets up on the apron and this allows MVP to hit the ropes, knocking off the champion. He then hits a big boot in the corner and a fisherman suplex to get a victory.

Winner: MVP

After the match Apollo just attacks MVP, but Bobby Lashley is quick to jump into the ring, locking in the Full Nelson. In the end, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander hit the ring and fight off Lashley, helping their friend.

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