WWE Raw Results (6/29): Champions Vs. Challengers, Bobby Lashley Dominates, Seth Rollins Wants Forgiveness



After the break, an impromptu match has been made as Bobby Lashley plants Ricochet down onto the mat. However, while Ricochet’s speed allows him to avoid a big splash in the corner, Lashley quickly gets hold of him as he launches Ricochet across the ring.

Lashley the picks up the speed, connecting with a massive shoulder into the corner which he follows up with a suplex. Ricochet is then sent out of the ring and with the official distracted, MVP drops Ricochet face-first onto the announce desk.

Lashley goes out of the ring to launch Ricochet into the barricade, and back in the ring, he plants Ricochet down to the mat again as he continues to dominate the match. Once again, Ricochet rolls to the outside and Lashley continues to ragdoll him around, throwing him into the ring post.

Lashley then looks to hit the Spear, but Ricochet’s body fails him and he just collapses in a heap. But this allows Lashley to try set the Full Nelson, although Ricochet avoids it and then sends Lashley out of the ring. He tries to keep things going by running off the apron but Lashley catches him.

However, this time, Ricochet jumps off Bobby’s back and sends him into the ring post as he then hits a springboard moonsault which almost gets him the victory. Ricochet then goes to the top rope but MVP provides a distraction, with Cedric Alexander pulling him off.

Ricochet then runs up Lashley and follows that with a great strike to the head, but as he goes for a second kick, Lashley just stops him in his tracks and plants him to the mat. This time, Bobby Lashley does lock in the Full Nelson and he gets a decisive win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

After the match, Cedric Alexander then gets the same treatment with the Full Nelson as his attempt to check on Ricochet proves to be a mistake.


It is the men who kick things off in this one, with Dolph Ziggler looking to take down the bigger man at his legs, but that doesn’t work out for him as Drew McIntyre just lifts him. Ziggler attempts to trash talk the champion but he is met with a massive chop for his troubles.

Ziggler turns things around with an elbow to the face though, which he follows up with a Famouser. However, Drew then launches Dolph into his corner and Sasha Banks tags in, bringing an end to McIntyre’s spell in the ring.

Asuka looks for a back fist but Banks avoids it only to end up being dropped to the mat with a shoulder tackle, but Sasha then shows her speed by avoiding the attack in the corner. Asuka then tries to set up the Asuka Lock and that leads to Dolph getting in the ring, but the champions dominate and the challengers are sent out of the ring.

The men are back involved after the commercial and Dolph reverses away from the reverse Alabama Slam, and he then plants the champion with a huge DDT. Sasha tags in, but she eats a dropkick and a big knee to the face which Asuka follows up with a hip attack and a German suplex.

Bayley then distracts Asuka from the announce desk and that allows Banks to hit the double knees from the ring apron, which almost gets her the victory back inside the ring. Sasha then slows the pace down as she stretches out Asuka, but the champion responds with a double knees to break out of the submission.

The men tag in and Drew McIntyre starts dominating, launching Ziggler around the ring several times. Drew then drops down from the top rope to take down Ziggler but Sasha then manages to tag in as she gets into the face of Drew.

But he just ignores her and punches Dolph flush in the face as Banks then turns around to a big kick to the face from Asuka. On the outside, Ziggler sends McIntyre into the ring post, while Banks locks in the Bank Statement and while Asuka gets herself out of that, Banks manages to pin Asuka to earn the win.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Sasha Banks

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