WWE Raw Results: McIntyre vs Corbin, Seth Rollins Has A New Recruit, Edge Answers Orton, More


May 18th, 2020


We kickstart WWE Raw with Charly Caruso once again telling us that a match between Randy Orton and Edge could be the “greatest wrestling match ever.” She welcomes out Randy Orton who explains that wrestling is the basis of everything that they do.

Orton once again says that Edge was the better man at WrestleMania 36, but he knows he’s the better wrestler and he doesn’t think there’s anyone in WWE that can do what he does in the ring. Orton says he knows why Edge didn’t accept last week, as he saw doubt in Edge’s eyes.

Orton says Edge’s grit and passion have faded away and is now just doubt and fear. Edge then makes his way out and he says Orton spoke a lot of truths last week and he knows that Orton is playing a game of chess, so he couldn’t rush into his next move.

Edge says he knows this is just a paycheque to Orton, and he admits that Orton is quite possibly the most talented person he’s seen. However, Edge believes this was Orton’s back up plan and that’s what makes him different because he doesn’t care.

Edge doesn’t think that Orton went to bed dreaming of being WWE Champion and he didn’t go to bed crying when he won the Intercontinental Champion as he did. Edge points out that he beat Orton for that title, and he points out that Orton has never had a career-ending injury.

Orton then asks if he is going to accept and Edge makes it clear he accepts the challenge! At WWE Backlash it will be Edge vs Randy Orton.


Seth Rollins says sometimes in life you have to lose who you are to find yourself. Seth says he fell into a dark place after losing to Drew McIntyre at WWE’s Money In The Bank. Seth says he has seen the light brighter than ever and that is thanks to Rey Mysterio.

Seth says that what happened to Rey Mysterio was…unfortunate, but necessary. He claims it was the moment he needed to be the leader he was meant to be. Seth now speaks to Rey directly, and he tells Mysterio that it was a blessing in disguise and he tells Rey Mysterio he’s welcome.

Humberto Carrillo then appears and asks Seth if he thinks anyone believes him. Humberto says Rey is his idol, and Seth is a coward. Rollins says he respects him for standing up for Rey, but he’s not dressed for a fight. Seth points out that Murphy is dressed for a fight, as he has a match set with Aleister Black, and he believes Murphy would be happy to oblige.

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