WWE Raw Results (8/19): New Champions Crowned, The Fiend Attacks Again, 1st Round KOTR Matches


AUGUST 19TH, 2019
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


Dolph comes out and he says that he is glad that Roman is OK. He just doesn’t get why he is getting so much attention, because he got speared 3 times by Goldberg, and he didn’t even see it coming. But everyone knows that Roman is the man, but everyone also knows that it should be Dolph. It should be….SUPERKICK! He nails Roman right away and Roman is on the ground trying to collect himself. Dolph taunts him and he gets up just to hit Dolph right in the face and out of the ring.

Roman follows Dolph and tries to leap off the steps onto Dolph, but Dolph sidesteps and Roman goes into the barricade! Dolph grabs Roman from behind and hits him with a ZigZag to the outside!! He rolls Roman back in the ring and goes for a cover, but Roman kicks out. Dolph locks in a sleeper, but Roman is able to knock him to the outside! Roman revs up and then hits Dolph with a Driveby! He puts Dolph back in the ring and then nails him with a jumping clothesline! He puts him in the corner and hits him with 10 BIG clotheslines. Roman sets up for the Superman punch but Dolph goes behind him and rolls Roman up! 1……….2……..Roman kicks out!

Both men get up and Dolph hits the stalling DDT on Roman and both men are down. They slowly get up and Dolph goes for the Zig Zag once again, but Roman escapes! Dolph steps up and looks to deliver the fameasser, but Roman catches him in Powerbomb position! Dolph gets out and Roman runs at him but instead goes crashing into the ring post! Dolph catches him on the whiplash and hits the Zig Zag! 1……………2………………………….ROMAN JUST BARELY KICKS OUT! WOW!

Dolph gets fired up and tunes up the band for Sweet Chin Music! Roman ducks and goes behind to nail Ziggler with a Superman Punch! Roman goes for the cover, but Dolph just barely kicks out at two! Roman goes for a spear, but Ziggler catches him in the Fameasser! Ziggler starts to talk trash as Roman crawls his way up, and he begins to choke Roman in the corner. He runs at him and ROMAN NEARLY SPLITS HIM IN HALF WITH A SPEAR! 1….2….3!!

Winner: Roman Reigns


Becky Lynch is backstage and asks why she continues to call people out. The reason is because she wants to fight everyone at their peak, at their most interesting, and at their best. She says that 4 months ago, Sasha Banks went home crying and her career was cold as ice. But she came back last week and she is the hottest thing going. Why is that? She didn’t do anything in that time to do it, but Becky succeeded in making Sasha hotter than she ever could have. But she is not going to wait, because she is going to seek her out.

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