WWE Raw Results (8/19): New Champions Crowned, The Fiend Attacks Again, 1st Round KOTR Matches



Ladies and gentlemen….Elias.

Elias says that this is his final performance due to being the 24/7 champion and he doesn’t want to risk anything. The sound is bad and Elias tries to play and it’s terribly out of tune!  Elias gets mad and the lights come on, but R-Truth is there! He tries to roll up Elias several times, but is unsuccessful and Elias gets away!


Charly Caruso is backstage with Rey Mysterio. She asks him about his state of mind after Andrade ripped his mask off. Rey says that his body is no longer responding the way that he wants. He says that he knows that he has to hang up the mask. He starts to unzip the mask, but his son Dominic stops him. Dominic tells him not to retire, because when he debuts, he wants to be his partner. Rey says that he will do it for him.


Big E knocks down Dawson right away and then tags in Xavier Woods. Woods gets floored with a right hand before tagging in Dash Wilder. Wilder hits Woods with a big knee to the face and then Dawson comes in, as does Big E. Big E and Woods recover and knock the Revival out of the ring.

Back in the ring, Dawson is on the apron and Big E looks to think about spearing him through the ropes! He gets momentum and bounces off the ropes….ONLY TO RUN INTO AN RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

Winners via Disqualification: The New Day

The Revival and Randy Orton seem to be on the same page, and they attack Xavier Woods and Big E. Finally Kofi Kingston comes out to help! He takes out The Revival but turns around into an RKO. Xavier Woods comes back and tries to take out Orton, but The Revival pick him up and nail him with a assisted flapjack/RKO. Woods is down and out and Orton directs traffic to bring Woods into the corner and Dash wraps his leg up while Dawson gets to the 2nd rope. Orton picks up Kofi and holds his head up, forcing him to watch. Kofi screams NO NO NO as Dawson jumps off the 2nd rope right onto the leg of Xavier Woods! Woods SCREAMS in pain as Orton and The Revival pose to end the segment. Wow.


Michael Cole fills in for Jerry Lawler in interviewing Sasha Banks. Cole asks her why the change, and she says that blue is just her color. She looked at herself in the mirror and says that she looks good and she feels good. Michael Cole says that “With all due respect, no one is talking about your hair.” He asks her why she attacked Natalya and then her friend Becky Lynch. Sasha responds back with “You’re Welcome” and walks away.

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