WWE Raw Results (8/19): New Champions Crowned, The Fiend Attacks Again, 1st Round KOTR Matches



Strowman starts the match with Gallows, who shows no fear to the monster among men. Strowman throws him in to the corner and starts to pummel him with rights and lefts. Strowman tags in Rollins and Gallows attacks the injured ribs of Seth Rollins. Rollins is able to knock both Gallows and Anderson out of the ring and he tries to dive onto them, but Gallows throws Seth ribs first into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Rollins starts to fight back and Anderson nails him with a HUGE spine buster, ribs first in the middle of the ring. He goes for the cover, but Rollins kicks out. Anderson puts Rollins on the top rope and he looks to superplex Rollins, but Rollins fights out and hits Anderson with a Blockbuster! AJ looks to get involved from the outside and Strowman drops down to intimidate him away, but Gallows pushes Strowman into the ring post!

In the ring, Rollins is in the fight of his life, as he puts each man in the corner and hits splashes on each. Gallows gets out of the ring and Rollins hits a suicide dive! He goes up to the top rope, but AJ pushes him off with the ref’s back turned. The match makes it to the outside once again and Gallows holds up Rollins for AJ to attack him. Strowman comes to and he runs right through AJ! He turns around and runs through Gallows as well!

In the ring, Strowman comes and picks up and power slams Anderson! AJ tries running in and interrupting, but he gets CURB STOMPED THE HELL OUT OF HIM by Rollins! Strowman goes for the cover……1……….2………3! WE HAVE NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!

Winners AND NEWWW WWE RAW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS: Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman!!!

After the match, the two celebrate, but Strowman looks at the Universal Championship to end the show.

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