WWE Raw Results (9/2): King of the Ring Quarterfinals, Women’s Championship Showcase, Contract Signing & More


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SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2019
Report by Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com


Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins come down to the ring for a contract signing for their match for the Universal Championship at Clash of Champions. They shake hands and Michael Cole is there to moderate the contract signing. Michael Cole talks about their upcoming tag team match at Clash of Champions against Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler. He asks how they are going to coexist and remain tag team champions.

Seth says that he intends to walk in as double champion, and he intends to work with Braun and walk out double champion. Braun says that it is going to be really awkward when his tag team partner is walking away with his championship. Rollins says that it will be awkward because he will burn it down. To get there, he had to slay a beast…something that Braun could not do…and at Clash of Champions, he intends to slay a monster. He signs the contract and hands it to Braun.

The signing is interrupted by AJ Styles and the OC and he questions why Braun is getting a title shot. He says that now in the WWE is just by looking at someone’s title? And why does Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler get a tag team title shot? They’re not even a real team! The OC surrounds the ring and Michael Cole tells them that they are trying to conduct business but AJ tells him to shut up or he will slap his teeth down his throat! They say that if they don’t get what they want, no one will get what they want.

They enter the ring and Braun and Seth stand up and Braun flips the table right into the face of AJ! AJ is down and the brawl starts between Seth/Braun & Gallows/Anderson! The tag team champions take down the OC and stand tall in the ring!

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Seth starts the match but he tags in Strowman fairly quickly as Gallows gets in the face of Strowman. He backs him up in to the corner but Strowman fights back and nails Gallows with a HUGE boot right into the face of Gallows.

Rollins is tagged back in and he chops away on the big man then hops to the 2nd rope, but Gallows catches Rollins with a big right. Gallows tags in Anderson and he runs in to slap the taste out of Rollins’ mouth. He locks in an armbar to Rollins and as Rollins starts to fight up, he gets sent to the outside. Gallows/Anderson distract the ref as AJ mows down Rollins on the outside!

Back in the ring, Rollins is going toe to toe with Gallows and he ducks a clothesline and nails Gallows with a step up Enziguri! Rollins is able to tag in Braun and he takes out EVERYONE! He pancakes both Gallows & Anderson and then he charges at Anderson, but he runs into the ring post instead. Rollins tags himself in and he hits Anderson with a super kick. Styles gets up on the apron but Rollins nails him with a right hand. Anderson tries to take advantage by rolling up Rollins, but instead Rollins reverses into a pinning combination of his own and he picks up the victory!

Winners: Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman

IMMEDIATELY after the bell sounded, Styles was in there to beat the crap out of Rollins. Rollins starts to fight back and he knocks Styles out of the ring. Outside, Strowman mows down first Anderson, then Gallows and his momentum accidentally takes him right into Rollins!! Strowman feels bad and he clearly made a mistake. Before he knows it, Roode and Ziggler come down to take out Strowman! They attack him and Styles joins in. Now Gallows & Anderson jump in and it’s 5 on 1! Rollins tries to fight back and help, but he’s quickly taken out. They lift Strowman up and Gallows & Anderson hit him with the Magikiller. They pick him back up and hold him up for Styles to nail the Phenomenal Forearm. Yikes.

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