WWE Raw Results (6/1): Rey Mysterio Provides An Update, Charlotte vs Asuka, Drew McIntyre Competes


JUNE 1st, 2020


Tonight’s WWE Raw kicks off with Seth Rollins and his disciples, Murphy and Austin Theory hosting the retirement ceremony for Rey Mysterio. Seth says he is about to face Aleister Black, who has left him no choice but to enlighten him.

Seth reveals Rey will be appearing tonight and his gut tells him that Rey won’t be able to formally announce his own retirement. So, Seth has taken it upon himself to handle that formality as Rollins claims that Rey is too humble to come out and call himself a legend.

Because of that, Seth is going to do it as he puts over Rey for sacrificing himself for the greater good of Raw. Seth says if that isn’t legendary, he doesn’t know what is. Seth then puts over Rey as a legend and says he is also a kind and generous man.

Seth says that in his darkest hour, Rey presented himself to him so that he can be a better man. Seth says to honor Rey’s career, he has created a video package, which is shown focusing on many of Rey’s highlights. However, that package then ends with Seth Rollins destroying Mysterio’s eye.

Aleister Black makes his way out and doesn’t wait for the bell to ring, starting the attack which sends Rollins out of the ring to Murphy and Theory.


Seth Rollins avoids Aleister Black early on as he gets backed into the corner, but Black finally gets to trip him down to the mat only for Seth to escape outside. Seth then drags Black out but that doesn’t work for him as he’s caught with a big kick.

However, Black is distracted by Murphy and Theory and that allows Rollins to take advantage as his opponent tries to get back into the ring. Black tries to retaliate with a forearm, but Rollins doesn’t relinquish control as he begins unloading with chops.

That only fires up the Monday Night Messiah though who once again takes Black down with a dropkick. Rollins then hits a great suicide dive on the outside as Black continues to struggle getting any offence. Black eventually breaks away from Seth as the two men hit several counters against each other, but Black ends up getting the best of things with a huge kick to the head.

However, Rollins then manages to send Black out of the ring, and as Murphy and Theory try to get involved, Humberto Carrillo makes his way down with a steel chair to level the playing field. Back in the ring, the two men battle for dominance as Black connects with a big boot, but Seth responds with a slingblade.

Black then responds by lighting up Seth with a flurry of kicks as he follows up with the springboard moonsault. Black then hits a German suplex into a bridge, but somehow Seth fights out of it. He then goes for Black Mass but Seth reverses it with a huge kick to the face and then the Falcon Arrow and this time it is Black having to fight out.

Seth goes to follow up with a Frog Splash, but Black manages to get the knees up to reverse and the two men then brawl on the ring apron. They go back and forth with a series of strikes and in the end it is Black who comes out best, stomping Rollins into the ring post.

He then keeps up the attack by hitting another moonsault from the second turnbuckle, this time flying to the outside. As the match returns from a commercial, Rollins battles Black down from the top rope and this time he connects with the Frog Splash.

Seth is slow on the cover and that is perhaps why Black is able to kick out again. Rollins then sets up for the Stomp, but Black reverses and looks to lock in the armbar. However, Seth kicks his way out and then plants Aleister down with a powerbomb.

Rollins then tries to leap from the top rope but he ends up eating a massive knee to the face from Black, but as he looks for his finisher Murphy and Theory end up getting on the apron. Humberto Carrillo ends up pulling them down and he gets attacked as the numbers game is against him.

While that happens, Rollins looks to take advantage with a roll-up, but Black reverses that with a roll-up of his own and gets the victory

Winner: Aleister Black

After the match the trio of heels all begin attacking both Carrillo and Black, ensuring that they are the ones standing tall at the end after two stomps.

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