WWE Raw Results (11/11): NXT Invasion in the UK, Kabuki Warriors Defend, Seth Rollins Reveals Survivor Series Team



Straight away Drew McIntyre takes the fight to Sin Cara, dropping him with a massive chop as he then launches him across the ring. However, Sin Cara doesn’t waste any time in getting back into the match as things spill to the outside and he flies out to take him out.

However, as they get back in the ring and Sin Cara aims to springboard off the second rope he is caught with the Glasgow kiss in mid-air, which allows Drew to regain complete control as he hits a massive clothesline.

Sin Cara then sends Drew to the outside once again with a hurricinrana and as he dives over the top rope, Drew catches him and hits a monstrous powerbomb on him to the floor. As they return to the ring McIntyre hits the Claymore and it is all over.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

A very strange Erick Rowan video is shown of him talking to something, saying it’s going to be a good day as he loves them, calling himself daddy. It was odd.


The Singh Brothers look to surround Truth early and he drops Sumir Singh with a right hand, but then the numbers advantage takes over as the duo dominate Truth. As Sumir continues his attack, he ends up flying out of the ring as he hits the ring post, leaving Truth alone with Sunil, but as he builds momentum Sumir grabs his brothers leg and the duo begin being chased by R-Truth.

In the end, the brothers run to the back and the match continues in that area as they run into the women’s locker room, which Truth won’t go in. However, they burst out and catch Truth with the door as they enter another room and turn on the light.

However, Erick Rowan is standing inside that room and he just destroys both of them and when R-Truth enters he decides to just leave.

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