WWE Raw Results (11/11): NXT Invasion in the UK, Kabuki Warriors Defend, Seth Rollins Reveals Survivor Series Team



Seth Rollins says he came to the ring last week after losing the Universal Title and he admitted he didn’t know what was next, and then Triple H said he knew what was next for him and maybe he should go to his past and see what is in his future.

However, Seth claims that Triple H showed his true colors, but he succeeded in lighting his fire and NXT might be where he started, but this is his home, and his show, it is Monday Night Rollins.

Seth says it is no secret that he thinks he is the best wrestler on the planet and he doesn’t do that by taking time off, and he wants to face the United Kingdom’s best so he challenges an open challenge.

The man to answer it…WALTER! He wants the U.K.’s best, well he has certainly got it in the United Kingdom Champion, WALTER.

WALTER says Seth wanted the best, well here they are. WALTER introduces himself and says they are here to restore the sport as the mat Seth is standing on is sacred to them, and just because Rollins isn’t in America doesn’t mean that he is safe from the NXT takeover, and the match is set!


WALTER starts things off very dominantly until Seth Rollins catches him with a kick and then a slingblade which sends him to the outside, but as they return to the ring, WALTER catches Seth in mid-air and just launches him across the ring with a suplex.

Seth tries to fight back, but the efforts are useless as WALTER drops him with his trademark chop, and he hits several more after trapping Rollins in the ropes. But when he goes for a third, Seth smartly catches it and hangs him up on the ropes, rocking WALTER with a big knee on the springboard.

Rollins then gets several superkicks in and sets up the Stomp, but Imperium hit the ring first to stop him as they attack Rollins. The Street Profits then hit the ring but the numbers game is against them still which leads to the return of… KEVIN OWENS!

KO is back and he helps them clear the ring as he gets a huge ovation from the U.K. crowd.


As we return from commercial the eight-man tag team match is underway and while Seth Rollins starts out hot, knocking everyone off the apron, he is quickly taught a lesson on the outside as he gets sent straight into the steel steps.

WALTER continues the attack on the outside by throwing Rollins onto the ring apron and Alexandre Wolfe then enters the match, dropping Rollins with several suplexes, stopping him making the tag as Marcel Barthel enters the bout as he and Fabian Aichner continue to work on the former Universal Champion.

Aichner drops him with a huge spinebuster as Marcel follows it up with a huge kick and once again WALTER gets back into the match as he continues his attack on Seth’s chest. However, the Universal champion once again fights off everyone in the corner, but just as it seems he is making progress, WALTER sends him flying into the turnbuckles with a dropkick.

WALTER then plants Seth with a powerbomb, but KO breaks up the pinfall which leads WALTER to take down Seth’s team members on the apron. He then climbs to the top turnbuckle and Rollins is able to hit a huge superplex and finally tag in Kevin Owens.

KO hits a cannonball to Aichner on the outside and then a superkick to Marcel as he returns to action with a Swanton Bomb on Wolfe, but WALTER breaks up the pinfall attempt.

Street Profits then hit a big double team on WALTER which leads to Rollins and Montez Ford flying out of the ring to take him out. KO hits the Stunner on Marcel and as Wolfe sends him outside, Rollins hits him with the Stomp and gets the pinfall victory (even though he wasn’t legal).

Winners: Seth Rollins, Street Profits, & Kevin Owens

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