WWE Raw Results (11/11): NXT Invasion in the UK, Kabuki Warriors Defend, Seth Rollins Reveals Survivor Series Team



After some back and forth wrestling, Andrade rattled Cedric Alexander with a huge forearm to take control early on, but that didn’t last long with Alexander hitting an impressive dropkick. But as he went for a springboard attack, Andrade had things scouted, catching him with a dropkick.

After several good reversals by Alexander, the former 205 Live star is finally able to get some offence in with a sharp low dropkick and an elbow then knocked him to the floor as Cedric flies through the ropes to take out Andrade.

Back in the ring, Cedric hits the Flatliner, attempting to get the win but Andrade kicks out just in time. However, Andrade distracts the referee as Zelina Vega grabs the foot of Alexander, causing a major interference as Andrade hits a spinning elbow and the Hammerlock DDT for the win, continuing his momentum.

Winner: Andrade

Aleister Black is shown as he says if he talks about the secrets of a man not so well kept and the sins that it brought him, it might tie things together. Black says he knows who you are and what you have done, so knock on his door and pick a fight with him.


Lana says she has come to confess her sins. She admits that Bobby Lashley didn’t want her to come out here and say this, but she needs to tell the truth, which is all that she has. Lana claims that she is always honest.

Lana confirms that the truth is, she cheated on Rusev. She claims that Rusev cheated on her first though, and that isn’t her fault but she isn’t going to be petty as she reveals that seven weeks ago she had sex with Bobby Lashley for the first time.

Lana said that after last week’s fall, she went to the doctors under Lashley’s instructions to find out she is a perfectly healthy woman who is…nine weeks pregnant. Lana says that this means, her soon to be ex-husband, sex addict, Rusev but a little Machka brat inside of her.

This leads to Rusev making his way out as Lana says he shouldn’t be surprised as he is a sex addict. Rusev says we have heard that all before, first he was a sex addict, then he was a cheater, and now she is pregnant and Lana questions him for insinuating she is a liar.

Rusev says that he isn’t trying to say that, but Lana continues to shout at him and then ends up slapping him several times until Bobby makes his way out. Lana leaps on the back of Lana and rakes at his eyes as Lashley gets in and attacks Rusev, planting him in the middle of the ring.

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