WWE Raw Results (11/11): NXT Invasion in the UK, Kabuki Warriors Defend, Seth Rollins Reveals Survivor Series Team



Erick Rowan makes his way to the ring with an item that is covered in a bag which he was talking to earlier in the night, but he doesn’t reveal what is inside of it.

In the ring, Rowan immediately flattens Soner Dursun with a big clothesline and he then launches him over the top rope before hitting his crossbody on the outside of the ring. As they get back inside the ring Rowan hits the Iron Claw and just like that, it is over.

Winner: Erick Rowan

Rowan then goes and gets the cage as doesn’t reveal what is inside once again as he just leaves, taking it with him.


Flash Morgan straight away takes out Ivar on the outside and then rocks Erick with a big kick, sending him to the outside as he goes for a suicide dive, only to be caught in mid-air. However, Morgan made a tag on the run-up and Mark Andrews quickly follows him, knocking them both down.

Back in the ring and Ivar looks to take out both men, yet Morgan Webster sends him to the outside as the duo both fly over the top ropes to take down the champions. As Erick tries to use his strength to get a grip of the match, Andrews hits Slumdog Millionaire and Webster then flies off the top rope, only for him to kick out.

Erick then shows why he is a top talent, catching Flash with a huge right hand as he then takes out both men, flinging them up and back down onto the mat and Ivar then flies through the ropes, taking them out before crushing both men in the corner and setting up Flash to be hit with a dropkick into the turnbuckles by Erick.

Andrews then continues to fight, hitting both men, but they don’t kindly to that as they hit the Viking Experience to win the match.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

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