WWE Raw Results (11/11): NXT Invasion in the UK, Kabuki Warriors Defend, Seth Rollins Reveals Survivor Series Team



Karl Anderson started out throwing fists to Ricochet, but his speed quickly gets the best of him with a dropkick, but his momentum is cut short as Randy Orton tags in as he begins to work the arm of Anderson. He then teases to tag in Ricochet but slaps Humberto instead.

Anderson quickly powers Humberto over to his corner as AJ Styles tags in and Humberto hits a huge arm drag, bouncing up from the top rope to get some real height as Ricochet returns to the match. AJ Styles charges towards Ricochet who side-steps him and he ends up knocking Orton off the apron, adding to the tension of their team.

Back from commercial and Humberto once again catches Styles with a big arm drag, and he follows it up with a huge crossbody as he dives from the top rope. Carrillo attempts another massive arm drag off the top rope but this time Styles has it counted as he throws him across the ring.

Luke Gallows then enters the match and starts to dominate with his strength and power advantage, pounding on him in the corner as the United States Champion returns, as he brings in Anderson, only for men to be taken out by Humberto who tags in Ricochet.

The former US Champion picks up the speed taking out Karl in the corner as he bounces onto the ring apron, hitting a big kick to Gallows and then a superkick to AJ, yet as he returns to the ring Anderson levels him with a huge spinebuster.

Gallows then tags in and throws his weight about, dropping into Ricochet as he launches him into the opposing corner with a massive Irish whip which turns him inside out. Gallows then reigns down with several huge elbows and he then hits a big elbow to Orton on the apron as well.

Ricochet makes the most of the momentary break and he runs up Gallows, following it with an enzirguri, which he then repeats to AJ Styles as Humberto is tagged in. Carrillo hits a standing moonsault, but AJ kicks out just in time.

Humberto tries to follow it up with a moonsault from the top rope, but this time Styles avoids it and Orton tags in to hit a power slam on AJ, following it up with his trademark DDT from the second rope. Orton then hypes up, getting ready for the RKO, but Karl Anderson returns to hit an uppercut, only for Ricochet to connect to him with the Recoil.

Gallows then takes out Ricochet but Humberto send shim to the outside as he follows it up with an amazing moonsault to the outside, taking out the Good Brothers. Orton then stalks Ricochet in the ring and it seems like he will be hitting the RKO on him, but at the last second he drops Styles and then tags in Humberto who pins AJ following a moonsault from the top rope.

Winners: Humberto Carrillo, Ricochet, Randy Orton

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