WWE Raw Results (3/30): WrestleMania 36 Go-Home Show, NXT Star Debuts, The Undertaker Appears, More


March 30th, 2020


We kick start the show with The Undertaker backstage, calling out AJ Styles or.. Allen Jones since we are using real names now. He says AJ is writing cheques his ass can’t cash, and he has heard a lot worse from a lot better than AJ.

‘Taker admits that there are truths about what AJ has said. He agrees that AJ didn’t want to challenge him 15 years ago. He claimes AJ was happy being a big fish in a small pond and couldn’t hang with the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H (he names more,) he says he waited until they were all gone…except for him. ‘Taker admits he has more matches behind him than he has in front of him and he says AJ’s foolish pride is making bad decisions for him.

He says that AJ crossed the line when he mentioned her (Michelle McCool.) He thinks AJ is mad because she does the Styles Clash better than he does. He says AJ is going to pay the price for disrespecting her in a boneyard match. He tells AJ to try him, and he’ll make him famous.

He wants AJ to bring his two assclowns with him, and they can all feel his wrath. He warns AJ he will feel the pain, and he will suffer and most importantly, he will Rest In Peace.


We return from commercial with the Raw Women’s Champion out and reminds us that last year at WrestleMania she faced two champions in one night. She says that she made a lot of bold predictions and talked a lot of trash, and she has been walking that razor blade lifestyle ever since.

Becky then tells us to take a look at that, and the full WWE WrestleMania 35 main event is shown as Becky Lynch competes against Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.

After the full match is shown, Becky Lynch is still waiting and she says since then a lot of people have tried to take her title. Shayna Baszler thinks she is different, and Becky agrees that if she lost her title it would destroy her. She admits she doesn’t know who she is without being champion anymore.

However, Becky knows about Shayna’s demons as well as she walks around with her low voice and her cage fighting background. However, Lynch believes she is starting to get to her, and she wants to win and do the one thing that Ronda Rousey could never do, which is Shayna’s demon. For once, she would steal Ronda’s spotlight.

Or, she loses and gets put back in Ronda’s shadow. However, as Becky continues to talk Shayna Baszler appears from behind and locks in her submission and then bounces her head off the announce table. Baszler then grabs Becky and swings her head-first into the table as she goes and grabs the title, throwing it down onto Becky.

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