WWE Releases Statement on Sexual Harassment Claims Made Against Bill DeMott

– It was recently noted that former WWE developmental talents Chase Donovan and Chad Baxter appeared on a TwoAndaHalfWrestlers.com podcast and made sexual harassment claims against NXT trainer Bill DeMott. WWE issued the following statement in response to those claims:

“There have been no sexual harassment complaints filed against any employee at the WWE’s training facility in Orlando. Instead there have been baseless allegations made by disgruntled talent recently released by WWE. Regardless, WWE takes these issues seriously and investigated this matter, concluding that there was no wrongdoing.”

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  • allan mccann

    see. told ya all

  • The huntress in the night

    and Chris Benoit was never in the WWE, Vince never encouraged steroid use by his workers in the 1980’s, and the Kliq never shot down other workers.

    • allan mccann

      no one ever said that. but they did sat this. that was the 80s lol in the 70s doctors encouraged you to smoke lol.

      • The huntress in the night

        The WWE has always been in so much denial of anything that might ruin their image, they might as well recreate Cleopatra’s barge and sail down it..

  • Mike Arienti

    If there was sexual harrassment, b****ing on the internet is not the proper approach.