WWE Reportedly Confident That Sting Will Be Joining Their Roster Soon


– As seen on last night’s RAW, WWE included current TNA star Sting in their video packages looking back at former World Heavyweight Champions.

F4Wonline.com reports that Sting was included in those video packages for a reason.

Word is that Sting is once again interested in joining WWE. While he hasn’t opened direct negotiations with the company, he has sent feelers to WWE about joining them. There is said to be a lot of confidence on WWE’s side that Sting will be on their roster eventually.

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  1. I hope Sting stays away from WWE quite honestly. He made a huge impact in pro wrestling without the help of Vince McMahon. No need to join a promotion that caters more to “its” stars than the guys from other promotions. WWE needs Sting more than Sting needs WWE.

    • not true neither really need each other. but i think a few matches would be bad to have in the wwe or atleast one wrestlemania. its not like hes say he needs vince or wwe. hes already had a hof career without them. so it would just be so we could see him vs taker etc.

      • Bulls***, Allan. It’s called a business draw. That’s the main motive for this all come to fruition. Sting may not be all about money but we sure as hell know that Vince is.

    • You’re an idiot if you think WWE needs Sting… LOL… Sting is an incredible talent and has achieved nearly all that he needs to in wrestling. However, WWE needs no one. They make their own stars and everyone else copies how they brand and promote their talent.

      • yuck.. ok i agree wwe doesnt need sting… but i dont agree wwe makes s*** its all about who does it ,the talent, the only thing wwe does is f*** up great performers by using them wrong, wwe doesnt need to build there own stars, all they got to do is go find them and hire them cause theres a world of talents out there

        • Well when stupid storylines like Team Hell No come about where they completely wreck Kane’s “credibility” and stagnate the hell out of Daniel Bryan’s development with psychotic silliness, yeah, WWE is providing garbage. Thank GOD that Team Hell No s*** is done. Daniel Bryan needs a push and a WWE title win, especially after going through all that s***.

          He’s pissing me off. The vignettes are cute but OMG can he PLEASE WRESTLE… He’s got a Kick if your leaning out the ring, a kick if your in the ring, and an Alabama Jam… HE NEEDS A MATCH WITH THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR, 3 MOVE MOVESET!!! Johnny Curtis needs to do better.

      • You can’t read? I said WWE needs Sting more than Sting needs WWE. Reading is fundamental f***tard…it’s a comparison.

    • Lets all tell WWE we want Sting. Why, BECAUSE HE DESERVES THE MONEY. He’s never made that MASSSSIVE money for years like some WWE guys do. He needs to do 3 years there and Retire, or, better, hang around on a legends contract and do stuff. Steve Borden could be EVERYTHING they need in the ring and Back Stage.

    • lol sting as already reached legendary status,and seeing how hard it was to get him there i doubt they would f*** it up.

      • You might be exactly right but seeing as Sting won’t wrestle for too much longer, he’s either going to do a Brock Lesnar-type run to ultimately lose against Taker or HHH. Sting doesn’t want to go out on a low note. Look at what McMahon did with all the established ECW and WCW talent – not much. OR maybe this is just all talk to get a bigger contract from TNA in his golden years.

        • I think the latter. He’s getting old, wants more $ and doesn’t want to do the trading card/comic book conventions if he can help it.

          • You’re full of s*** for believing that. Sting wouldn’t be in the business anymore if he didn’t want to be. Guys like him have stayed around, simply because they loved doing what they’ve done for so long. Look how hard of a time Flair has with retirement and settling down!

          • Whoa, whoa, she-beast. Take a few Midol and read this again or have someone read it to you, tramp.

          • Hey you’re the f***-up that thinks Sting would do as “well” as Warrior did in WCW… are you high??? Sting in WWE might almost put TNA out of business! Take your Midol and shove it up your ass.

          • Go find yourself a large tree stump and smash your head repeatedly against it until you vanish. Doing this would be a great favor to the rest of the world.

          • You’re speaking on behalf of the rest of the world? Either you are huge or a schizophrenic…or both.

          • You do realize the only reason Flair kept wrestling after his retirement in WWE was because of all his debts mostly due to his divorces, right?

          • Whoa… Flair’s out there stylin’ and profilin’ like he’s 22. He pays for drinks for everyone, has a good time, spends his money… he doesn’t need to make any more money… Sure he has divorce debts, but he doesn’t have to pay them up all in one shot…

      • Sorry but I predicted this report as soon as I saw the video. These guys have no proof it’s a random guess if they’re right the like awesome. If they’re wrong its a year later and people have forgotten.

  2. I said it last night on facebook & I was told I was reading too much into it. I’ve been watching wrestling for over 33yrs., so I know when a company’s trying to whoo a top star from another company.

  3. I highly doubt it. At 50+, Sting has his best days long behind him and he’s only in TNA now because Dixie keeps paying him to stay.

  4. I’d love to see him in WWE for a year. He already said he’d love to work with Undertaker. Can you imagine the pop the first time he comes out? It would be outrageous. That is, if they could keep it a secret, which is unlikely.

    • No, no matter where Sting first appeared – PPV or Raw, the reaction would be just as magical. Stop trying to be like Vince.

      • There would be plenty of people who’d be shocked. He’s said for years he had no desire to be on WWE’s payroll due to the adult nature of programming. Now that that has changed, did Sting’s opinion change too?

    • TNA is a s*** organization. It always has been. I respect their innovative approach and trying real hard to compete with WWE, but at the end of the day, they’re a little league organization that can barely compete with the likes of NXT, if that.

  5. would love to see Sting in WWE So Matches would love to see with him Sting Vs Understake Sting Vs Cena Sting Vs Rock Sting Vs Lesner Sting Vs CMPunk Sting Vs HHH

  6. WWE is so boring I can’t watch it. People might not like TNA but at least they have real wrestlers; that is until the WWE repackages them. ROH is the best but I love TNA and can’t watch WWE. They dropped more than the f a long while ago and it’s sad.

    • R-O-H! R-O-H! Yeah, ROH has some of the best wrestlers right now….The American Wolves, CNC, Kevin Steen…..all awesome wrestlers that nobody outside the hardcore wrestling crowd will ever hear of. Such a shame 🙁

      • No, Stean is a heaping pile of manure, and i’m not kayfabing that, I really see him as a no talent, sorry for the guy but i don’t believe in him.

        • Really? I thought his match with Davey Richards last year was one of the best matches I’ve seen in the past 5 years! Also, his match with El Generico last year was pretty cool to watch as well. Say what you want, but he has more wrestling talent than over half the WWE roster right now.

    • I can’t deal with ROH right now, we must be seeing 2 different products. When WWE takes NXT on a major network (Probably CW) or their dedicated Youtube Channel Live, you’ll see what you’ve been missing. HHH PICKED ROH to the Bone in recent years. The only thing they’ve done wrong recently is Curtis Axel, just call yourself Joe The Axe Hennig and use the Perfect Plex, people will get that your the son of Curt and you’ll get Larry’s nicname out alot better that way. Also, don’t look like a puke! Right now, Curtis Axel is wrestling above his grade. Skill is there, storylines are too accellerated. I’m guessing they are getting the rub from Heyman and then turning him or stabling him soon.

      • He is pulling some of the talent but then he’s wasting them because he can’t get good writers or wrestlers to go against them. Jeff Jarrett should silently back them. I mean silently too none of this trying to put himself over or a championship on himself. That would be the best revenge.

        • I can’t argue with that idea. Cesaro didn’t stable with Rhodes Scholars because the breakup was planned, which I get. I just don’t think he needs one, or, HE should lead it. Get some other foreign guys and call them Foreign Aide, here to save America!!!!

  7. When I saw the WWE mention Sting as one of the legendary World Heavyweight Champions, I was surprised like everyone else. Although he did deserve to be honored, the WWE has always refused to acknowledge the talent of another company.
    The WWE does not need the Stinger in this point of their dynasty (That’s not to say that they couldn’t use him when he was in his prime during the 90’s and early 2000’s). However, the WWE has gotten a little stale with the same old wrestlers like John Cena and Randy Orton and could definitely benefit from new energy that they have never had the pleasure of having before.
    Sting may not be the Sting of 1992, but he IS STILL STING. The WWE would benefit for the time being, and Sting will benefit even more than he already has from the experience. The exposure he gets from being in the WWE is enormous.
    One of the things that made Sting special was that he was so loyal to his employers and his sticking to his beliefs. Like Bruno Sammartino, he didn’t want anything to do with the WWE because it was so raunchy at one time. But as change arrived, so did Bruno and Sting.

  8. This only makes sense if it’s against Undertaker, it’s one-time only, it’s a retirement match for both, and it ends in a draw. Perfect ending.

    • You’re right Dennis – that would be a perfect ending in a way, but the crowd might just riot over that one!

    • na no draws at mania thats lame… sting should lose just like everyone else. its nothing to be ashamed of and sting would gladly take the loss hes that kinda guy

  9. just imagine, the lights go out and they immediately come back on and Sting is pointing the bat at Cena, or Del Rio or C.M. Punk or Undertaker…then he gets out of the ring and leaves. Big Show comes back to “befriend” Sting because they worked together in WCW and Sting lays him out!!! I’m getting giddy just imaging it

    • You need some medication, kid… getting giddy over wrestling? And another thing… what’s wrong with you – adding the likes of Del Rio to that list of names??? Gimme a break!

      • Maybe “giddy” was the wrong choice of words…more of excited for the product. I mentioned Del Rio because he is the current world champion carrying a belt that originated in WCW (it was Flair’s belt!)

        • Yes, however it is my belief that Del Rio’s time as champion will be short. He doesn’t bring much to the table; he’s barely interesting as a heel.. time for him to go and for Ziggler to win the world title back.

          • I just can’t get “Mickey” from the spirit squad out of my head AND to make Ziggler legit he doesn’t need Big E.

    • How about I shut you up with such a ridiculous idea…? Never gonna happen. Sting will be there for main events, and not f***’n Del Rio – he’s a piece of s***… just because he’s the son of Mr. Wrestling doesn’t mean anything to me. He’ll end up like Carlito, the son of Carlos Colon, back in WWC in Puerto Rico, only this time, he can’t afford to spit out chunks of apple. He has to eat them.

  10. sting isn’t going anywhere with the WWE. He’s got his thing now with TNA. He takes time off when he wants. He comes back for a couple of months at a time. He’s got the new main event mafia thing now. WWE flirts with the good TNA talent but not a lot have jumped ship.

    • Bulls***. Sting is WWE-bound. I know this for a fact. The feelers are in place, Sting is taking the bait. He’s going to the promised land – the land of the WWE!

  11. Whats so sad is the wrestling business has apparently lost the ability to make new stars. John Cena sort of counts, but not really. He’s a wrestling star for sure and he’s been in movies, but they were all WWE movies. Its not like back when Piper appeared in “They Live” and such. Its like, I’m thinking back to those days people refer to as wrestling being good, and if you recall, it was basically the exact opposite of what it is now. back then you had old guys trying to hold younger guys down, because theirs only so much room at the top. Now, you have older guys just BEGGING one of these useless kids to step up and take their place, and they seem to be totally incapable of doing it. I just watched raw the other day and saw Dolph Ziggler saying something along the lines of “I’m the best in this ring, the best on the mic”… Besides both statements being incorrect, how does this incredibly boring, generic crap that sounds and looks like these lines are being come up with by a standardized computer program or something pass for something that you would actually allow on television? I still watch it because I have a young brother that has it on all the time, but if I’m to be honest, Its HARD to watch now.

    That all off my chest, Sting would certainly shake up the storylines for certain people a bit. It would be exciting although I don’t how much he actually do in the ring anymore, which is mostly all I care about…

  12. wwe needs to quit having so many damn shows. every week you have raw, main event, smackdown, and a few others i wouldnt watch either. they need to do like tna and just have one big ass show every week and make it worth looking forward to. TNA has the x division and its better than anything wwe has to offer. wwe needs to bring back the attitude era and try to get personalities back into their company. they kind of shot their wad when guys like stone cold, shaun michaels, and now HHH doesnt wrestle hardle at all.

      • i hardly ever watch it live, because it so boring now. i usually dvr so i can ffwd through all the stuff i dont like to watch, and theres plenty of it on these shows now.

        • You got that right, Pal, it’s extremely boring. But isn’t Stephanie McMahon a doll? So is Vickie Guerrero, but I digress.


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