WWE Reportedly Considering Having WWE SummerSlam On A Boat


According to a new report by PWInsider Elite, WWE is considering filming WWE SummerSlam in a different location from the WWE Performance Center.

Every WWE PPV since WWE WrestleMania 36 has taken place inside the WWE PC due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it appears that Vince McMahon wants something different for the biggest party of the summer.

The report states that WWE is considering doing the event outdoors, with the show being moved to a beach or on a boat being two options. WWE is also considering the event being broadcast from multiple locations.

Bryan Alvarez added more information to this report on the latest Wrestling Observer Live claiming that WWE is considering holding the event outdoors because Vince McMahon doesn’t want another major PPV to be done in an empty arena.

Alvarez said: “I don’t think so. I know this, okay, I know Vince wants something wacky for SummerSlam. I know that’s probably the wrong word but he doesn’t want it to be just another SummerSlam in an empty arena with a bunch of fans wearing masks. He wants to do something different and I’m not sure what that is. (H/T to Cultaholic.com for the transcription.)