WWE Reportedly Scrapped Plans For A Tiered WWE Network; Independent Promotions Still Set To Be Added


There has been a big update regarding WWE’s plans to alter the WWE Network, with the tiered structure reportedly now being scrapped.

According to reports by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, at the moment, WWE has scrapped plans for the tiered Network. It had been reported earlier this year that WWE was considering a tiered Network system with different prices and content being made available to people, but that now appears to no longer be the case or at least set to be on a break.

In addition to that, Mike Johnson of PWInsider has reported that Independent wrestling content is still scheduled to hit the Network at some point in the future. Adding some Independent wrestling had been expected to be part of the tiered Network, with that being added into a more expensive tier, so it remains to be seen whether that would change the price or not.