WWE Reportedly Set To Announce A New Saudi Arabia Show For February


The WWE is reportedly set to announce a brand new show in Saudi Arabia very soon according to reports from WrestleVotes and PWInsider.com.

The reliable Twitter account, WrestleVotes first reported that WWE has an international PPV set for Thursday, February 20th, which was then followed up by PWInsider.com, who stated that the location is Saudi Arabia.

This will really cram in the WrestleMania schedule, with WWE Elimination Chamber taking place just after. WWE hasn’t given themselves much time here to create storylines between the Royal Rumble-Saudi Arabia-Elimination Chamber, so it will be interesting to see what happens considering how important this time of year is for the company.

It will also give talent zero recovery time once again as WWE SmackDown will be taking place the day after the event. Last time WWE attempted this, the roster ended up stranded in Saudi Arabia, which led to the original WWE NXT invasion of the blue brand.