WWE Reports Miz Was Injured on RAW, SmackDown Rating, More


– Here is video of WWE’s reading celebration in Detroit on Monday:

– As noted, Friday’s WWE SmackDown episode did 2.827 million viewers, up 15% from the week before. The show did a 1.96 cable rating, up a bit from the previous week. This was SmackDown’s highest rating since August 2nd.

– WWE’s website reports that The Miz was injured by Randy Orton on last night’s RAW. Dr. Chris Amann told WWE reporters that they were doing tests on The Miz but he had a preliminary diagnosis of an upper thoracic injury, a bruised breastbone and bruised collarbone. WWE reported The Miz also had difficulty moving his neck and arm and showed signs of a pinched nerve.

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  1. I wonder why, when hit with a steel chair yes it hurts and can do damage (even though pro wrestling is fake a chair isn’t), wrap a chair around someone’s head and slamming your 200+ pound body on it there’s always chance of injury….. If hardcore fans (no names will be mentioned) are going to comment telling me it’s 100% fake, don’t waste time typing it

    • No its not fake wrestler protect them self and take lots of hits its scripted but its not fake Im a hardcore fan myself WWe has said lots of things but went more family oriented TNa, New Japan . ROh and other Indy’s promotion are trying to bring the Old style wrestling back on Tv but WWe keeps hugging and not letting this other promotions be broadcast TNA AAA and CMDL from Mexico have been giving WWE compition Not that i Giving Mexicans like myself Glory but if you will see there product you see the Diffrents Go to AAAwrestling.com and u will enjoy great matches Give it a try Mat.

      • I’m a fan of AAA as well as RoH and New Japan. I do think one word you said is funny, Mexicans. You say it I guess it’s fine, I say it I’m labeled a racist. Plus my name is Matt, I’m not a door mat

        • Sorry Matt im a bad speller as you can see na don’t think you r racist and I agree current angle with the Matorodes sucks Would like to see EL mesias and Abyss join Kane with father Mitchel what do you think

          • Yeah…then people will b**** about them “rehashing old storylines” again.

            I see people saying “They need to bring this back and that back” then when they do they say “They’re just reusing the old same garbage they did back then”

            I hate those people.

    • Having taken bumps and chair shots.. it’s easy to get hurt no matter how good your opponent is or how well you are trained. That shot into the steps did a lot of that damage, and Miz got to throwing a few potatoes in there too. The ref asking him if he was done, was legit. But Miz kept up the show. Goo worker that Miz.

      • Props are due to Miz (I think he mainly did it for his parents, my opinion). Taker does the same by continuing when hurt, but you see that outcome.

        • Yeah…even though Miz actually isn’t injured AT ALL. He’s taking time off to film “Christmas Bounty”.

          Orton also didn’t even hit the chair, he hit Miz’s Shoulder, but Miz acted like he hit the chair.

    • Pre-determined outcomes and planned out matches? Yes.
      Fake? Hollywood fight scenes are fake because the point is not to hit the other guy, just make it look like you hit him. In wrestling, you have to hit and get hit, and there is no faking it. They do try to pull their punches [especially when the boss tells them to protect the big star in the ring] but when it comes right down to it the blows have to land, falling on your back, even in a well practiced fall still hurts, and the pain is very real.


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