WWE Reports that Christian Has Suffered a Concussion

Christian suffered a concussion in his match against Randy Orton on the August 26th episode of Raw according to a report from WWE.com.

Their article notes that they have pulled him out of all activity and even though ImPACT scores are normal, he’s still having some symptoms of fogginess and cloudiness.

WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann commented on the injury, “We are waiting for symptoms to get better until we perform an in-ring exertional challenge later this week at the Performance Center in Orlando. At that point, if he’s able to get in the ring and exert himself, and work without symptoms, we’ll go ahead and clear him [to compete].”

Night of Champions Match Nixed, Backstage Incident on Monday’s Raw, Update on Christian’s Condition….

  • alexx52

    Christian had better follow Edge’s example and quit before he has an injury he cannot recover from.

    • Shaun Simpson

      I agree…these last couple years for him have been insane. He just can’t seem to stay healthy at all.

      • TheDazzler

        hang em up,Christian,before you end up punchdrunk for the rest of yr life.

    • Jack Johnson

      A concussion has nothing to do with his previous injuries. Randy has had plenty of these. It’s currently a big deal in WWE, but it’s no major injury like Cena, Sheamus, or Mark Henry have. He should be back in a few weeks or less.

  • Ralph Ramos

    I have to agree. Christian is scrawny, exactly like Edge looks now. He can’t keep up with these steroid-built monsters the WWE likes to build. And he’s had a very good career, despite his lack of size. Christian, hang em up and join your little buddy Edge in the sunset. Perhaps the two of you can share it with Vicky as well. I know how much Edge loved her (About as much as he loved hemroids). Take that old clunker out for a ride down the boulevard and fill up that gas tank boy!

  • Frankie Martinez

    Christian should definitely retire, he’s literally killing himself out there. besides, he has nothing left to prove; he’s former world champ, tag, inter. the first ever to win a title in his debut match…well, you get the point….he had an enviable career..