WWE Raw Results (1/8): The Miz Returns, Braun Destroys Lesnar & Kane, The Balor Club In Action In the Main Event!


WWE Raw Results
January 8th, 2018
Live Report By Doug Enriquez for ProWrestling.com

WWE Raw comes to you this week live from the FEDEXFORUM, in Memphis, Tennessee. Last week, we saw Roman Reigns successfully defend his Intercontinental Championship against Samoa Joe. Now, Roman Reigns looks to continue being a fighting champion and looks forward to his next challenge. Is The Big Dog finally rid of the Samoan Submission Machine? If so, who will step up next to challenge for The Intercontinental Championship?

On that same thought, the FORMER Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, makes his return to Monday Night Raw tonight from the red carpet. Who will the A-Lister call out upon his return, and what will his response to be for the Miztourage that has been hanging by Elias’ side since he’s been gone?

Lastly, the Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka cleanly beat the WWE Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss last week on Monday Night Raw. Does Asuka have the right to have a claim for the championship? How will Alexa respond to her loss last week, and not having Nia Jax at her side for it?


We start Monday Night Raw with The Intercontinental Champion, Roman Reigns. Reigns makes his way down to the ring and grabs a mic and the crowd has their usual reaction, many boos and some cheers. Roman says that after all of the attacks, all his talk, and all his hype, you would think that Samoa Joe was ready for him, but he wasn’t. He says that last week Samoa Joe was silenced, and that’s why he is still the Intercontinental Champion. He says that he was fighting with a purpose, and last week was for Dean Ambrose, and the warning remains: If you mess with one of the members of the Shield, you mess with all of them.

Just then, Jason Jordan’s music hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Jordan says that when he watched his match against Joe, he got goosebumps. He says that it’s just like Roman said, when someone messes with one of them, they mess with all of them. Roman gives him a bewildered look and Jordan says that on behalf of he and Seth, he wants to say “thank you”. He extends his arm out in a Shield-like manner, and Roman gives him another confused look.

Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and he tells Jordan that this is bad timing, and this is Roman’s moment. Jordan says that this is everyone’s moment, and they took out Joe & The Bar, and now they’re all champions!

Roman says Jordan has to cut it out with the “We” stuff, but Jordan tells Roman that they are not quite the Shield, but he has to admit that they are impressive. They might even be the best three man team in the business.

Finn Balor comes out along with Gallows & Anderson, and The Balor Club is in full effect! FInn tells Jordan that he needs to check himself, and that he was running with Gallows & Anderson 10 years before Jordan ever found out that Kurt Angle was his daddy. Gallows said that when they came to the WWE, they decided that they were going to run alone and they became the WWE Raw Tag Team Champions. In the meantime, Finn Balor made history by becoming the first ever WWE Universal Champion. But they knew that there would be a time when they would come together, and that time came last week. And now…2018 is the year of Balor Club.

Jordan laughs and says that he would rather be a part of the “Champions Club” and Balor laughs. Balor says that this looks like a cheap version of the Shield, and he sees The Architect, The Big Dog, and….Gallows interrupts and says NERRRD.

Jordan responds with a big slap to Gallows face, and Balor and Anderson hold Gallows back. Just then, Kurt Angle comes out and says that he thinks he found his main event tonight. It will be Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, & Jason Jordan against The Balor Club!

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