Five Members Of WWE’s RETRIBUTION Faction Revealed


During tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw the mysterious RETRIBUTION faction was featured in another off-site vignette.

Unlike the anonymous tidal wave of chaos we’ve come to expect from the group, this week’s promo was very focused and delivered by five key individuals, who complained about being sold a false bill of goods about the WWE Performance Center.

This was the first time RETRIBUTION has confirmed their origin as former Performance Center recruits, however, a new report from POST Wrestling has taken it one step further and actually exposed five members of the group.

The two members who actually had significant speaking roles tonight were none other than Dominik Dijakovic and Mercedes Martinez. The other three on screen were Dio Madden, Shane Thorne and Mia Yim. All five are currently listed on WWE’s internal roster.

That was not the only appearance from RETRIBUTION during Raw, as the group appeared en masse with more than a dozen extras to attack WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee.

For the first time, the WWE roster fought back, as all four members of The Hurt Business came out to confront the mob, leading to one of the most wild brawls in recent memory.

There was an angle earlier in the night where MVP convinced producer Adam Pearce to hire the Hurt Business as private security to finally keep RETRIBUTION from destroying the show.