WWE Saving Lesnar vs. Batista?, Backstage News on WrestleMania Creative

– We noted before that major WrestleMania XXX creative meetings were held over the past week with several discussions changed. While many different scenarios were brought up, at least one source in WWE creative doesn’t expect a lot of changes will be made.

While it may appear they are going in the direction of Kane vs. Daniel Bryan after this week’s TV shows, the source didn’t expect Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan to be changed. Regarding that match, nobody within WWE expects Bryan to go over.

Regarding the recent Batista vs. Brock Lesnar teases on WWE TV, the feeling is that it was done to build to something between the two later this year.

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Source: PWInsider

  • Laurence

    Why would Triple H go over Bryan at this stage in H’s career? It’s pathetic if that happened. Whomever H wrestles at Mania, he should lay down and do the job and give someone a rub (if beating Triple H is a rub).

    • Jeff Rittenour

      read what I wrote above, jesus.

  • Douglas Marinosci

    HHH to beat Daniel Bryan? Well now we know why Punk walked out, he was supposed to put HHH over? Lol. I was such a big HHH fan, but now he sucks. Its time for Vince to say those words to his son n law. Your Fired! I hope all the crowds from here to WrestleMania chant CM PUNK loudly and proudly! Punk can be criticized by some for walking out but he’s sees the garbage their planning. They will not give Daniel Bryan his chance. Maybe its time for Daniel to walk away!

  • Jeff Rittenour

    More stupidity from the peanut gallery BELOW. DB not going over is part of his story line – he’s being ‘KEPT DOWN’ for reason (although it IS a fine line whether or not that will backfire on them). It’s gonna go on till they can’t milk and everyone jizz’s in their pants when he wins. It’s not real – calm down. Trips over Punk? Doesn’t work because it devalues Punk who’s on contract till JULY (he probably would have added a month extension for SS and then would have been done). That man just has an ego and wanted to be in the main event for the title. Case closed. Nothing to do with Triple H ‘going over’ him. Again…it’s NOT REAL people lol.